Eliminate Debt as a Forensic Debt Investigator P2

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So you want to know what it’s like To create an Affidavit of Truth Well you come to the right place because Me I have been doing it for some time an Affidavit of truths are extremely Powerful Why they’re so powerful let’s put it This way I mean You know that usually you know when we Go to attorneys or try to seek a legal Advice no one really wants to hear your Complaint no one really wants to hear Your testimony So what happens is you know all they Want to do is you know whatever you say Basically turns out to be hearsay right Like oh he said she said you know I said She said he should whatever So there’s a lot of um stuff going on And there’s no real proof or evidence I Mean sure you know you can prove through What you say if if the evidence does Come to you You know that’s a pretty good thing but It’s even more powerful when you get Their acceptance the opponent’s Acceptance You know or the response And so it actually makes the case even More powerful so if you do seek legal Advice or have an attorney to help you Represent a case once you do your Homework first and you take the Initiative

As being a creditor or secure party Creditor and again you don’t have to be An SPC to do this you really don’t There’s people doing this that are Extremely successful So what you can do it’s real simple okay It’s so simple that it hurts like if I Knew this information before You know I would have taken care of Things a lot quicker than I have been Doing you know the way that I’ve I’m I’ve done a lot of research and Everything about it I’ve even done the Homework I’ve even had experience in it And it’s very very powerful Same with a debt validation you’ve heard About a debt validation okay you know When you send out a letter and you know You ask them to verify a debt can you Please provide proof that there’s even a Debt that there’s even loss in your Corporation if I don’t pay you can you Provide proof that there’s um you know That that money does exist that Federal Reserve currency actually actually has a Um A backup you know like it’s got Value You know tell me if that the Federal Reserve Note is not an IOU note can you Please provide evidence of this you know Or you know every you basically you lift All you list I’m sorry you list all your Truths right there on a piece of paper

And you know it’s truthful and you ask Them a question if they do not respond With hard evidence to back you up I mean Not back you up I’m sorry to back their Word up hello if they don’t respond To the evidence presented to them or the Presumptions presented to them With hard evidence and it’s got to be Point for Point okay it can’t be an Argument where they write you back and They say well you know you still gotta Pay no if they don’t respond to answer Your questions on your Affidavit of Truth or debt validation letter then That means that they are pretty much Guilty Um so but you you know continue to send Them notices but there’s ways of doing It now you know the Creditor When dealing with creditors or a Corporation that says hey you need you Owe us money you know you need to pay us This balance and then they send you Notices you know they give you 30 days Okay here’s a notice we give you 30 days To provide you know uh if you want to Dispute this give us a call write us a Letter or you know pay us the debt And they don’t hear a word from you After 30 days So they send you a second notice stating That okay well you know we haven’t heard From you yet but here’s the situation Again we’re providing what we need you

Know we need you to call us and contact Us immediately about this problem And you still don’t respond Okay so they probably give you maybe Three notices and they give you a final Notice after that and usually it’s like A month time Of each notice that’s sent out sometimes Even 15 days in the third notice And you don’t respond to them Then they have the right what they just Did is they just received your Acceptance your acquiescence which is Silence that they have just received Your acceptance that everything that you That they sent you Is there truth because you never Rebutted it yet you have not rebutted And therefore they have the right to Send it over to a creditor agency so What happens we get upset we get pissed Off oh my God how dare you do this it’s Because they were given the total Acceptance From our silence You have the power to do the same thing With an Affidavit of Truth You have the power to do exactly that So You know that’s what uh I’ve been doing I’ve been working on some Affidavit of Truce I got my son to do an Affidavit of Truth it’s very powerful And again it’s not just writing a

Testimony and then giving it to cart Okay it’s not about that at all you Gotta get their acceptance first You’ve got to get their acceptance first Okie dokie I’m back back back back to Work here Um so anyway Affidavit of truths are Very very important Very powerful and you know that’s that’s The way to go that’s really the way to Go is to finally first get their Acceptance Um you want to send it certified mail Or you want to send a registered Bell You know if they don’t answer with a Certified mail then you can send it Registered mail registered mail is much More important why and I’ll tell you why If you know if it’s someone who doesn’t Want to sign it the registered mail Would be great because it’s sent to Their doorstep under lock and key a guy Will actually go up there a mailman with A lot under lock and key Unlock it Pull out pull out the document and then Hand it over to them it’s kind of like They’re being served okay If they refuse that then that’s going to Show that’s going to really go against Them But it is way better to do registered Mail it’s much better and it’s very Difficult to refuse it and if you repeat

They refuse then oh well okay but There’s other ways around it as well so That you’re working on a case and There’s already been a case against you Regarding somebody You do the Affidavit of Truth you send It to them you send it to them twice and If they refuse then you add it to your Declaration or you can do it you can add To your declaration right away you can Create a declaration in court you just Say I need to file a declaration and Then you attach that Affidavit of true To the Declaration and then they will be Summoned they will be served with that Information And that is a way to get to them But it’s so much better to do it outside Of court because you know you’re dealing With a private and then you know if they Don’t respond at a certain time and they Don’t respond giving you a point for Point hard evidence or anything like That Then you go ahead and continue on like What the creditors do to us okay sending You a second notice this is a second Notice you need to respond you’re still You know need to provide evidence or Proof or whatever I’m going to give you 15 days this time They don’t respond again Okay well here’s the third final notice You just defaulted you defaulted on on

The um This Affidavit of Truth so therefore There is a debt and usually in Affidavit Of Truth you always want to include a Fee Diff to the damages involved any damage That was included you always want to Include a fee Um like for let’s say my situation I’m Including five hundred thousand dollars Because I mean really that’s really Cheap for for my case my case is very Very uh it was a conspiracy against me It was really horrible so it’s involving A lot of people and also Witnesses if You have any Witnesses add them onto Your Affidavit of Truth If it’s involving something Um someone saw something as well add That very powerful Um there’s other ways to go about it too Let’s say it’s a huge corporation or um You know just a corporation against you That just wants to screw you over and There wasn’t and there was not an Individual involved like someone trying Let’s say someone trying to get child Support after you and say child support Is after you this is another way that You can go about it It’s very hairy though it’s very hairy If you want to go about it this way Um you would actually do a debt Validation first

To ask them to provide debt you know Proof that there’s debt just like what I Said earlier provide a profit and loss Statements I want to see a copy of your Financial Um your fiscal annual reports you know I Want to see that you know I want to Check out your you know check out the Numbers here you know debit your double Entry all that all the Little Numbers Lining up here I’m going to find out That you guys are really in loss here That you really need my money to pay This Um and then you know first of all you Know then you keep asking another Question you know this is just a sincere Due diligence inquiry and I’m going to Show you some of the letters in the next Video It’s Gonna it’s gonna be all these Letters so that way you can actually see It I’m just explaining this to you And they respond and they they you know They can’t provide they want to be A-holes about it So the next step you show them a copy of A Kappa report Okay a comprehensive annual financial Report and I would probably get the Whole thing I would get the whole PDF File or whatever and just show it to Them and say look if you’re in debt can You please provide proof because what I’m seeing here is a kaffir report

Okay comprehensive annual financial Report that does state that you have a Lot of funds stashed away here that is Owed to us Um so usually that’s what really gets Them as a Calvary part they really get Scared Um and then you know also if you’re a Secure party creditor at the time you Can actually send them a copy of your UCC One financing statement to let them Know that you know you are you’re Capable of Leaning anybody up involved Who is conspiring against you or who’s Trying to get money from you that you Have the power to do this and then you Have a kaffir to show them you know it’s Kind of like a threat letting them know You want to keep on continuing to play Stupid then I can move move forward so What you want to do is you want to also Do some research like before you start Doing a huge Affidavit of Truth like After you did do the debt validation Letters and a lot of this does take time It’s like you are acting as an attorney You are your private attorney so you Imagine how much why attorneys do charge A lot of money for what they do because It’s a lot of paperwork it’s a lot of Time and energy and into going to this Paperwork you know getting everything Together So um then what you’re gonna do is uh

You know you got your comprehensive Annual financial report you sent them a Debt validation you know you’re still Getting a lot of you know crappy Response you’re not getting any response At all Then the next step you um go ahead and You go to the high up let’s say the CEO Of the corporation And you ask for copy okay let’s say Child support again you know the lawyers Involved the attorneys the judges Involved hi I like a copy of your Oaths Bonds and liability insurance Information see what you’re doing is as A secure party creditor you know how to Get them you know how to get them you Know how to grab them you know how to go What to go after now so you because You’ve you know you could put a lien on Them so you go after their bonds or else And liability insurance information you Ask them question but you do it by a Letter you don’t do it by a phone it’s Much better that way So you send them A uh a letter stating please provide Your Oaths your bonds your liability Insurance information can you please Provide that do you even have that You give them 30 days if they don’t Respond to that then uh you said thank You very much for your acceptance for Your acceptance and obviously you don’t

Have your let me know that you don’t Have this So the next step guess where you go to Next you go to the Secretary of State And you ask them a question you say hi I’m trying to get a copy of their Oaths And bonds Of so-and-so’s os and bonds can you Please provide this information to me And show me that they are bonded And then you hear a response from Secretary of State and there they are to Tell you yay or nay if they are bonded Or not So again you keep these little letters And once you do receive this you might Receive a letter stating no they’re not Bonded we don’t have that information I’m sorry Okay well then hack them they’re really In a lot of trouble now if they do have Their bonds which is great too Then they will give you your their bond Information and then what you do is you Put that information on there on your um The fourth section Of the UCC one as your collateral Because you’re taking their bonds you’re Going to liquidate them So anyway I mean it goes on and on and This is going into the commercial uh Doing a commercial lean process but That’s a whole entire another video So what I’m just going to help you with

Right now with this video is I’m going To help you a little bit with the Administrative process utilizing the Affidavit of Truth was just a seriously Very powerful and debt validation Letters and how to write these letters And how to get their acceptance Basically you get them on their own Vomit that’s what I’ve heard and that’s What you do So that’s pretty much what you do and Then you can also the cool thing about It like say you know you want to do an Affidavit of Truth you get their Acceptance by them you’re not responding To you or they don’t provide any real Proof or evidence Cool you sent a you know letter you keep You know go along with a little process And then you hold on to it and then you Go see your your attorney if you want to Have an attorney and you want to handle It and cart You can do that too which is very Powerful the attorney would be like Man you’ve been doing your homework all Right you’re going to your brother You’re going to your sister about this Problem first besides coming to me and Complaining and whining about it and I Have to figure you out you know what I Mean so you’re helping the attorney as Well so you got the information there he Looks at it and uh obviously it’s

Notarized got to get it notarized this Affidavit of truth even the dot Validation you got to get a notary Notary seal signature and your signature On it because that’s what’s going to Give it you know power and you always Put under the the penalties of perjury That you are here to tell the truth and Nothing but the truth and if if I don’t Tell the truth it’s going to bite me in The butt and it will bite you in the Butt because if the if you’re telling a Fib or a lie on an Affidavit of Truth They will come at you if they do find Some serious evidence against you they Will come right at you and you will be In a lot of trouble you can end up going To jail So you want to make sure that what you State is very truthful And also add your witnesses as stated And that’s going to make your case Extremely powerful now and then another Thing too with the Affidavit of Truth You can always get it recorded you can Get it after you you know you send it Out you go and you record it in that Local County Recorder now there’s Certain places that don’t take it though California are very horrible they will Not take an Affidavit of Truth to record It in the you know County Clerk Office They won’t do it however you can file a Declaration again stated earlier with

Your Affidavit of truth and you can add It upon the case that has an existing Case which will make it even more Powerful You can create a declaration against Anything And it doesn’t matter it could be into Interstate so You know there’s ways of going around This but you’re letting them know that You’re taking initiative full initiative Of the situation and you know don’t and Don’t get bogged down with what you hear From legal advice oh God you need an Attorney for this you know if it’s an Out of a state situation like say Custody child custody and they tell you Sorry you got to go travel a hundred Thousand million miles just to get there To get an attorney to fight for custody Sorry we can’t do this out of the Jurisdiction you know that’s okay you Smile okay thank you thank you very much Because now what you do is you send that Beautiful Affidavit of Truth straight Out that individual Because you’re going to deal with it You’re going to handle it and they are To provide evidence and proof especially If there was conspiracy involved though Okay if someone is totally lying and Harassing and making up a bunch of Stories okay well thank you for for Bringing that up but can you please

Provide evidence and proof of these Little stories you got 30 days you got 30 days If you do not then therefore you are Agreeing to everything my story and Guess who’s going to take your story You know the judge is going to look at It he’s going to favor you even more Because you’ve done your homework Already you went to them first you Didn’t have to go through an attorney to Get to that point it’s very powerful and And again you know you get all that Information and then and then you can Get an attorney even there and that can Represent you but with that package it’s Going to make it very very powerful and It’s always good to do judicially two if You want Um or you can just continue on the Private side and then you just go Forward full force and just do a Commercial lean on them Um other ways if you get their full Acceptance you can go ahead and take it To the FBI you could take it to uh Interpol you can take it to CID it Depends on the case that you’re dealing With And they can really do an investigation On it you know especially with the Witnesses it’s better than just a Testimony of someone just writing Information excuse me writing

Information on there He did this that happened This time you get an Affidavit of tree That says he did this and I sent it to Him to rebut it and he did not rebut my Affidavit so therefore it stands as Truth Um send them another notice he failed a Respond you know he accepted the letter But he failed to respond to me I’m Trying to get his uh acceptance I’m Trying to get some information from him Too because I’m trying to I’m being a Forensic investigator as well I want to Know what the hell happened here why he Freaked out on me so you’re doing your Business you’re being the private Investigator you’re doing this you’re Acting in your own Um you’re taking responsibility is what You’re doing okay so that’s what you’re Gonna do After David of Truth is very very Powerful I’m telling you you guys Extremely powerful And then when combined with a UCC one When you want to really freak them out If they want to play games with you then You show them a UCC one by the way I’m a Secure party creditor a non-adverse Non-belligerent I don’t come to you at War I’m just here to make peace here However if this has to pers this Continues and persists then I’m going to

Have to figure out what your bonds and Liability insurance information is so That way I can add you as my collateral You know what I’m saying it’s it’s you Have to show that you’re in power So let me tell you a little background About my situation and the cool thing About this you know we can even do this Work together you can see what I’m doing And where I’m coming from Years ago back in 04 I was married To somebody that I trusted and I Believed in for a very long time There’s no way in heck I would ever Believe that he lied to me I would Believe in everything he said even Though I caught him in a couple lies but I still loved him so much that I just Could not Believe otherwise I always found an Excuse for him Seven years later Something happened we didn’t get along Just like a lot of married couples they Don’t get along they don’t feel that Things work anymore And there was a lot of arguments between Us And all of a sudden I was rushed out Just out of the blue rushed out of my Home To be put on a plane to go back to where I come from which is San Diego this

Happened back in North Carolina Um we argued for for two days I cried my Eyes out I didn’t sleep for a couple Days I was distraught and having anxiety Problems and heart problems I did not Look very well I was very very ill at The time because of all the problems and The insomnia and feeling that something Really wrong was happening And what happened was he was having an Affair with a good friend of mine who I Thought was a really good friend of mine And I didn’t really know this I mean I Had a feeling about it but I wasn’t Really really sure there was really Again you love the person you don’t want To believe otherwise you don’t want to Believe it So basically he found a way to say look Just go get on the plane go see your Family I know you miss him I know you’ve Been depressed here for some time and You want to go see your family and I Said yeah I haven’t seen him in four Years I miss my family So So basically he made it look like okay Well let’s just you know get get you on That plane and have you hop on that Plane and and uh you know he tried to be All nice about it the next day after Which but still I was like very scared And I had my two children they’re living Living with us at the time

And my son who he’s not the biological Father of you know he never adopted he Couldn’t adopt because the father would Never sign for him to adopt my son we Couldn’t really find him And so but you know he was the only Father in his life since he was three Years old And so you know so it was pretty much it Was a very hard I was I was not thinking Straight my heart was pumping and I was Like you know when you find out that You’re getting thrown out And your car keys are being taken from You and um your phone’s being taken from You so you can’t call out And then you have his father coming to Get me come on let’s go and this friend That I thought was my friend would pack My stuff up too help me out on my way And uh Then within that couple weeks after I Was there I went back to San Diego and I Was happy to be there to see my family At least but Called back and I’m like what’s going on Here you know like I received package in The mail stating that Uh that basically it was the secretary I’m sorry a separation agreement That I supposedly signed in front of This notary And I’m like I never went in front of This notary in my life had an aunt get

On my case are you freaking sure that You did not sign this in front of a Notary I said no no no no no I never Went I never met this lady in my life And my son was witness to everything That happened That I went on that before I got on that Plane and that I never saw no notary it Was a bunch of bull Um you know he is testifying or he’s a Witness to it so anyway All this for seven years if I would have Known what I know now I would have got Him immediately but the cool thing is I Can still get them and I’m working on Getting them So right now I’m working on this with The secretary of state and it turns out That they’ve been trying to get a hold Of this notary And she’s not responding She hasn’t responded so they’re going to Send out and it would they sent out a Notice a first notice Of complaint Okay so after 30 days and they called me Up said no we haven’t heard a response So we’re gonna send them a second notice Of complaint So she has to provide Evidence that I appeared before her and A lot of notaries in honor anyway It turns out North Carolina I don’t know What it is but they don’t it’s not

Required for them to have a ledger But if they are in honor they will have A copy of a ledger and then I think Every year or whatever they would turn In that ledger over to the Secretary of State There’s no way she could have any Evidence of me being in front of her Because I never was in front of her now In California they’re very strict with That you are to sign the Ledger and You’re to put your thumbprint right There when you’re in front of that Notary So anyway that’s pretty much what is Going on right now and uh I’m adding That I’ve added that to my Affidavit of Truths had my son do an Affidavit of Truth and included witnesses to Everything that happened And other things that happen but I don’t Want to go into it right now this is Stuff that happened just with my son but I’m teaching him how to do this But it’s so funny check this out you Guys I go to attorneys over here in California oh well sounds like you’re Just trying to get custody however we Don’t do custodies here we don’t do Custodies here we um you know it’s only If you’ve already have a case involved It’s only going to be in the Jurisdiction so and I’m like no no no This time I’m not getting a custody

Dealing with a custody case this time I’m dealing with a case involving fraud Conspiracy You know human trafficking terrorism Um you know ripping my children off all That stuff has nothing to do with Conspiracy at all I mean not consider I’m sorry custody at all So now I gotta look at things in a Different way which gives me a bigger View of where I gotta go next first of All Affidavit of Truth you go straight To the those individuals like me with a Notary I’m gonna find out where she Lives or her address and I’m not going To wait on the Secretary of State to do This I mean they’re helping out that’s Wonderful but I’m going to make it even More powerful by me sending some Information her way Affidavit of Truth Provides some evidence provides some Proof I want I want your acceptance here Show me you’re taking initiative And with that notice from the Secretary Of State of no response and then my Notice of no response it’s really going To make the case even more powerful and If it has to go to court then I will be In court that’s not a problem you know If the judge is as good as Judge Judy She’s going to know who’s lying And I’ll be very happy to appear so You’re doing your homework okay so don’t Feel bad if you’re not as SPC or secure

Party creditor do not feel bad about This you know it’s okay and you have to Wait before you got to do something no That’s why I’m providing a very low Cheap video here for you to pay you know You don’t have to pay so much money it’s Easier for you to get the ball rolling Now and jump on it right now okay so you Don’t have to sit around waiting until Your thumbs to try to provide you know Get money to become a secure party and You know pay thousands of dollars no you Can do this yourself you can do it Whether you’re secure party or not You’re still a sovereign and you’re Still Sovereign under God the universe You’re still a soul just remember that So my next video you’re gonna see some Really cool heavy duty stuff and it’s Involving my case gets a little graphic But I want you to you know I’m going to Be doing it so you can watch what I do And um Be able to walk you through it have an Awesome day and let’s get get on to the Next video

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