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And office space and I wanted to share With you some awesome info actually I Decided to give you a quick little Um tidbit on for those who want to get Their debt taken care of a free tidbit Here that you can learn and it can Actually help you To Understand what’s really happening Behind the scenes okay and what do I Mean by that a lot of stuff is being Done under the illusion under the Curtain okay Um it’s like living in the Matrix see That movie if you haven’t watched it yet But I get a lot of emails a lot of People asking me please what do I do to Take care of this little debt or that Debt or this debt okay and it’s real Simple Um what I do is I teach people to walk On the private side to become a secure Creditor okay And this is what a secure Secure Creditor What does that mean That means that you walk on the private Side That you already have a secure credit Because you are the Creditor Not only because of your birth Certificate now a lot of people say oh It’s because your birth certificate okay

That’s just partial Okay your birth certificate is a bond Okay a security Bond and it is being Circulated through the New York Stock Exchange okay Um it is a registration into the Corporate United States of America That’s what the birth certificate is and It holds a lot of value now it isn’t the Birth certificate that holds value it’s You You even without the birth certificate You’re valuable Why because you come from the Earth You are real estate you are walking real Estate okay and what I mean by that You come from the Earth And therefore you are movable Okay so what does that mean that means That the corporate United States of America which began in 1871 has already Put a lien on you And your real estate they couldn’t put a Lien on the property You know meaning the Earth Planet Earth Because it is immovable it is immovable They can’t put a lien or a patent sorry A patent on something that is not Movable which is a soil so because we Come from the soil because we come from The ground We’re bones okay we’re flush They put a patent on us

Why is because we’re that valuable That’s what makes us a power why we’re Powerful secure creditors anyway we are Creditors anyway with or without any Paperwork okay so therefore we have Limitless credit and we also come from Where Who knows where people say from God People say from the Stars I like to believe that we come from Something very amazing Higher intelligence If you want to call it God’s Source love We are energy We are energy Limitless energy Okay and in order to understand what a Secure creditor is one must be able to Be courageous enough to go further down The rabbit hole to find out because once You start utilizing these tools as a Secure creditor You’re going to begin to realize A lot of things working For one And then it’s gonna you’re gonna start Asking your yourself a question you’re Going to be pondering on these questions Such as where the hell do we come from And what is the point of all this Why Because you’re going to find out a lot Of things are working And you’re going to realize that there’s

Something weird going on here Why is this planet designed this way Why is why are so many people under Enslavement Okay Utilizing the FRN IOU notes which have No backup but energy of the human beings And this is not to say that the United States Is bankrupt is the only country that was Bankrupt back in 1933. we’re talking About the whole world the whole planet Okay we come from that we come from a Higher energy source a plane but we made The decision whether you want to call it A contract or not you know this whole World is based on contracts if you don’t Realize that now and We made a contract to say hey we’re Going to come back and we’re going to Help people to remember who they are Okay that’s my mission on this planet Okay there’s a lot of naysayers out There that will basically tell you Otherwise They’ll say a lot of things that us Secure creditors or those who are doing The secure creditor thing or The Sovereign thing are only telling you a Bunch of BS that were scam artists that It’s all baloney it is not real okay Because they want to keep you they Either want to keep you in the Box So you don’t ask questions

So you could be scared to ask any Questions of who you are and where you Come from Or it’s because they don’t even know What the heck A secure creditor is they’d never even Done this technique they don’t even know Nothing about it but they look at it With such skepticism that they’re like Oh there’s just no way Okay well then ask yourself why the hell Are you are you even here what’s the Purpose of being on this planet We all have a mission here and I already Know what my mission is it’s to awaken Everybody To get out of the sleep that they’ve Been in for many years and I’m not Talking just in this lifetime Many lifetimes This is our time This is our Our uh time and our cycle To wake up and to not go through this Karmic experience again of coming back Because we haven’t figured it out well I Figured it out Especially going further down the rabbit Hole and dealing with certain debt Situations and finding out who these Agencies are that they’re operating Fictionally That none of them have their paperwork And

When you ask them for debt proof proof Of debt or to validate the debt They don’t have any proof all they show You is an account summary okay Well I got something really awesome to Share with you for those of you who are Interested in taking care of your debt Issues right now and I am offering a Couple videos To show you exactly step by step what to Do On how to write out a letter a debt Validation letter that is so powerful That when you send it out You’re either going to get a chuckle On their end or if you even talk to to The creditors on the online you’re going To get a chuckle you’re going to be like Oh And when you send it to the supervisor They’re not even good enough the hell to Do because in a way they know What the truth is You’re going to find out a lot of things Because in order for you to become a Secure creditor you have to go through This step first You have to go through this video series First So that way Um it is confirmation That these so-called agencies are Operate operating fictionally they do Not have their books and they do not

Have their paperwork And then you’re going to get Confirmation of that And you’re going to realize you’re going To step back and you’re going to realize Whoa Now this is freaking me out What the hell is going on and that’s What happened with me that’s how I Started on the path okay before I Started getting into doing any Discharges Um and you’re going to find that out Later especially if you’re a complete Newbie who just wants to clear out your Credit Want to have good credit score rating This is a letter to use That I’m going to be showing you in the Next video series here for those of you Who want to sign up And once you go through this you’re Going to realize wow something is going On And I’m going to break down the history For you Of why and how but it’s going to be so Far out that you’re probably not going To believe it okay because it started I I started that way too I didn’t believe A lot of things I wanted to know why Why is our birth certificate worth so Much money or supposedly worth so much Money why are we worth a lot of money

Why is it every time that we put a Signature onto a piece of paper It creates credit Also a negotiable instrument when you Put your signature on there you just Created a negotiable instrument which is Like a check that they can use turn Around and cash it how is that so why is It that Everywhere I Go They want me to sign all the time Why is it that everywhere I go if I want To purchase something many companies Don’t even want to take cash anymore why Is that they only want your signature I tell you why in the next video series And it is going to trip you out If you really want to go further down The rabbit hole and you’re sick and Tired of dealing with debt And no matter what no matter what Happens you keep climbing up and Climbing up the ladder and you’re trying To do better you’re you’ve cleared off Your debt and you keep going back into Debt again And you’re sick of it because it seems Like you are going around in circles and Nothing is changing for you This is the video series you’re gonna Like because it is totally going to Change the way you view yourself the way You view the world around you I have had many successes and so have Many of my students in clearing out

Child support IRS issues all of these so-called neces Unnecessary debt issues Are taken care of in a very peaceful Manner though Because we realize That we are creditors And we are the ones that hold the key We’re the ones that hold the key to Freedom If we know where to look And there’s a lot of information out There

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