Don’t go broke buying holiday gifts!

Tis the season to be jolly….. Fa la la la la, la la la la.
But….being jolly doesn’t mean you have to buy everyone gifts, and put yourself in a financial situation you will regret long after the holidays. Don’t go broke trying to impress people and spoil your kids this holiday season. You owe it to yourself to live a lifestyle well within your financial means, don’t let the commercialization of the season leave you stressed out.

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You feeling pressured about holiday Gifts Let’s talk about it today [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt and talking About all things related to personal Finance my name is kenny simon i am your Personal finance coach and today i want To talk a little bit about the things we Do around the holiday season as we know As the year ends we’ve all been working Hard all year we start to tell ourselves That stuff things like i’m going to Reward myself this year and oh i need to Buy this and that for this person and That person and we end up spending a lot Of money and we often do not budget These things we just spend it feels good To give someone a gift i want to Challenge that just a little bit because I don’t want you to go broke buying Holiday gifts please like this video Subscribe to the channel and let’s jump Into this topic now okay let’s start Today’s video with a quote you all know I love to do that so let’s start with a Quote from jim carrey Quote says no holiday should manipulate You to the point where you’re going into Debt just to show someone you love them Love this quote a couple other things i

Want to point out According to a 2021 survey conducted by Discover and this was this year 2021 More than one-third of u.s consumers are Concerned about the potential of holiday Debt The study went on to say that 40 percent Will primarily use credit cards to pay For holiday gifts so let’s jump into a Few things that i want to talk about in Terms of my thoughts when i think about The holidays and how much we spend and The things we do Uh financially around these holidays and The first thing is listen getting and Receiving gifts is not what these Holidays are about if you celebrate These holidays right holiday debt and Spending has become a tradition and it’s A bad one like how festive can a holiday Really be if we’re pushing people into Debt just to receive a gift celebrate a Deeper meaning meaning for the season And it’s not about lavish gifts that Really don’t improve our lives Some people are going into debt this Year trying to pay for gifts you bought Last year on credit is it really worth It I think not All right second thing i want to talk About is Your kids will not remember what you Bought them a month or two after the

Holidays are over I did a personal study in my own house One year and i asked the kids what they Got the previous christmas they couldn’t Tell me i asked them what they got Previous two christmases and i think you Know cameron may have been like 10 or 11 Or 12 years old he’s 20 now right he Could remember like the one or two gifts That he got one of them was a hoverboard Because he still had it and that’s it Right so these kids won’t remember what You bought them one to two months later So i wouldn’t go into too much debt Trying to buy them things to make them Feel great that day All right the other thing i want to talk About here is listen Adults putting pressure on others to buy Expensive gifts is just not Cool if your significant other your Family or your friends are putting Pressure on you to buy something Expensive i personally think they need To grow up especially if you’re already In debt and they kind of know you’re in Debt i really feel like it’s just Shallow behavior and i’m sorry if that Hurts some feelings but you can’t Justify pushing a person into debt so That you can receive a gift knowing that They had to struggle to get it we even Glorify it to some degree you’ll hear People saying i don’t know how he did it

But he made it happen well i can tell You how he made it happen he put it on a Credit card or he borrowed it and now He’s making payments every month for Something you really didn’t need it will Not value shortly after you receive it Next thing i want to talk about a little Bit is listen Start a meaningful tradition beyond Holiday shopping right that is actually A tradition for some people holiday Shopping is a tradition start something Else that’s much more meaningful take a Family vacation feed the homeless help a Family in need create a scholarship fund And help a kid In the spring semester that’s coming up After the holidays Reset your circle on what these holidays Truly mean not what the commercials are Saying it means Last thing i want to talk about here in Terms of just things that i think about Um is listen great memories and material Gifts do not go hand in hand the Commercials will make you believe it you Put a bowl on top of the car you give The person the car it’s great it’s a Great memory uh let’s see how long they Really have that feel good feeling about That car and you’re paying the note Right so it is a myth that great Memories and material gifts go hand in Hand memories last longer than material

Gifts so make them good you will Remember non-material expense Experiences much longer than anything Material you can ever receive You often remember what happened as you And your people spent time together After the gifts were open rather than What you opened that day so create Intentionally meaningful moments that You all can cherish long after the Experience is over having a circle of Friends families and neighbors is a gift Within itself here’s my Advice if you want some peace during the Holiday season and want to avoid the Stress of buying gifts and going into Debt so i have quick three quick things I want to share first one is set Expectations and don’t be shy about it Every adult doesn’t need to buy every Other adult a gift in your family so cut Down on the number of gifts you’re Buying we are adults we can buy whatever We want when we want within reason so Why are you letting a holiday dictate Your spending Set boundaries on what you’re willing to Do or not do and if you don’t celebrate The holiday don’t give or accept any Gifts period the second thing is no is The complete sentence use it use it Nicely but use it it works And the last thing i think that you need To have some peace around the holidays

And not be worried about you know going Into debt is set a budget and only buy What you can afford If people challenge you on that you Should really consider if they’re worth Keeping in your circles friendship and Love should be free so i hope after Watching that i gave you some food for Thought Listen it is not a good idea even though I know during the holiday seasons we’re Feeling festive and you’re wanting to do Nice things for people and it really Does feel good to give it really does But not to the point to where you’re Going to go into debt and then maybe Regret it later and you’re stuck making Payments on a credit card or something That you bought and the person that you Gave that thing to doesn’t even use it Anymore they don’t even enjoy it anymore But you’re still making payments on it And we know there are many of you out There who the next holiday season rolls Around and you’re still paying for Things that you bought last year it’s Just not worth it we should be managing Our money well setting budgets and Expectations year round so don’t lose Your mind because it’s the holiday Season and you’re feeling good you’re Feeling festive and you want to do a lot Of nice things continue to have some Discipline around how you spend your

Money if people want to push you into Debt to buy them something that they’re Looking forward to You tell them that you can’t afford that Or it’s just not a good time for you to Do that maybe you should check whether Or not your circle is you know that Person needs to be in your circle i Definitely wouldn’t let someone push me Into debt to give them something they Probably won’t enjoy a month or two down The line remember this you can achieve Much greater things than where you are Today if you’re willing to put into work Conceive it believe it and achieve it I’ll see you on the next video

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