Do you have Free Will?

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Good evening everyone this is dr Roberana johnston and in this video We’re going to be talking about free Will and self-responsibility And i’m going to explain that to you About free will So what is free will exactly the power Of making free Choices that are unrestrained or Unconstrained by external circumstances Or by An agency such as fate or divine will Free will simply means that we can Choose our actions and make decisions Free of anything or anyone else okay so How many of you how many of you out There believe in free will Believe that you have the free will to Make choices decisions And to create your own reality that you Are the own creator your own creator of Your own reality Okay Or Here’s another definition of determinism It’s a philosophy philosophical view That every event including human Cognition behavior decision and action Is casually determined determined by the Environment It is in essence the view that one’s Life is predetermined before one is even Born In other words human actions decisions

And states of affairs are the inevitable Result of preceding events determinants Over which we really have no control but Whatever we do we would have done it Anyway and therefore free will is only An illusion okay So It’s basically stating that hey you know What there’s nothing else i can do There’s nothing else for me to control The situation external or internal so You know what It’s already been predetermined for me Anyway in the stars astrology whatever That i’m gonna live this dust that i Have this destiny anyway so it’s already Been destined my life has already been Destined for me okay Um So Many people that fit this category they Are not very successful in life because They actually believe that the outer World has more control of their internal World that everything that happens to Them externally has more control over Them internally okay And let me give you a little example a Little story that just happened just Just a few minutes ago I’ve been trying to record this video Several times in a brand new software And the software would only record up to Six minutes

So therefore um you know i recorded it On this big computer i recorded in the Laptop using the same software and the Same problem persisted so i’m like you Know what what the heck so i could move Into determinism and saying hey well It’s my destiny maybe i’m not allowed to Make videos anymore so someone else has More of the upper hand the powers that Be you know the conspiracy thing i’m Probably not supposed to make any videos Anyway Or the free will spirit of me the free Spirit of myself decided to say you know What i’m gonna try another software my Older software and see if that works Well because i made the decision and i Made the choice To move away from that mindset and take Control of the situation i went ahead And used my older software and guess What it’s freaking working right so There you have it in a nutshell and i Believe it’s so funny the reason why it Happened was because it was supposed to Make me maybe Use that as an example So for instance many people are victims They believe that they’re victims of Their ex circumstances even though let’s Say for example You know there’s a story about a man who Was married to a woman who was an Alcoholic she wouldn’t stop drinking and

He tried to control the situation he Tried to control the external world Outside rather than trying to change Himself because as an entrepreneur We realize that we cannot control Anything outside of us we can only Control what’s inside of us and how we Respond to external events we have to Change that response as well so let me Go ahead and move on because i’m jumping Ahead of myself And he was married to this alcoholic Woman poor lady and she just would not Stop drinking and he tried everything he Could to change her to make her Different to have her stop drinking and And the truth is She has free will she’s got free will to Drink herself to death if she felt like It okay no matter what he said or what He did and he had the free will to leave If he wanted to Because if the situation wasn’t going to Get better And then he would have to make that that Decision So What he ended up doing Was he got sick and tired of trying to Change her His external world outside of him and Then made the decision to say you know What i’m going to take full Responsibility for myself and say you

Know what I changed myself and i have the the free Will And responsibility to leave so he left Well guess what two years three years Four years later i don’t remember Exactly she died she drank herself to Death okay There’s nothing he can do There’s nothing no one can do about the Situation but she had the free will to Do what she chose to do and so she did It So and in many uh students that i’ve had In the past They they create circumstances and they Like to make themselves sound like Victims okay even me in my past you know I’ve had certain a lot of stories to Tell that cert during a divorce certain Situations happen and i Kept playing the victim for the longest Time until i finally said you know what I’m going to change this around and i’m Going to take control of my world in my Life and i’m going to move forward in my Life and stop talking about it stop Complaining about it stop bitching about It and moaning about it and learn from It learn from that mistake because that Mistake was The the um Catapult to my life’s success And if it wasn’t for that situation i

Would have never probably would have Never been on youtube who knows don’t Really know and been able to travel the World and did a lot of amazing things Okay but a lot of times we tend to get Caught up in that cycle that we are Victims that you know that there’s There’s something out there that’s more Powerful than us and and i hear hear it All the time from the conspiracy people From the sovereigns and many that There’s something out there that’s more Powerful than them and you know they It’s up to them and we don’t have any Control and whatever’s going to happen Is going to happen and there’s going to Be war and before you know it people are Going to die and and so what you know I’m saying some people out there um And a lot of times you know they see the Situation their circumstances and they Say oh my gosh you know Their world is hell everything that They’ve they’ve made bad decisions and Then they want to blame it on somebody Else outside of them because it makes Them feel better that’s the mind of the The victim And i played that role for a long time And i’ll tell you it doesn’t get better When you’re constantly bitching Complaining and moaning talking about Them than them it was them it was Because of them i can’t live my life and

Be happy it’s because of them and what It makes me look like is a person that Just gave her power away to somebody Who’s really doesn’t even think about That anymore has moved on in their lives And here i am trying to hold on to the Past you see what i’m saying and a lot Of us you know we tend to be Try to take control of that situation That the event that happened in the past And we’re holding on even our cellular Memory is holding on to it and it even Creates illnesses it creates a lot of Problems maybe mental maybe emotional Problems or Fear that oh my god you know because This divorce happened and it didn’t Happen the way i want it to you know i I expect all men to be the same way And that never stopped me you know that Never stopped me from believing and Having the optimism to say hey i’m going To change my life and you know what it’s All about me that has to change because It was me that married the person no one Put a gun to my head no one forced me to Marry this individual And something within me Created the situation because i had a Very low self-esteem of myself i was 21 I just got out of a graphic design School and here comes the marine saying Hey i want to marry you and you don’t Have to work and we can have kids and la

La la and i like the idea that i didn’t Have to work that was great and so i Totally went for it And because i knew the world was very Harsh out there it was very difficult And i had a i was a single mom with my Son but i was taken care of by my Parents at the time so i didn’t really Have to work but i went to school and i Wasn’t really forced to to move out but I couldn’t stand the the friction Between my my parents they were always Fighting they were always complaining About something Blaming each other for for their Problems right And i got tired of it so i wanted a new Life i wanted to move to japan i wanted To see the world and so therefore i made That decision to marry the guy and even Though my mother knew she saw something About him that she Knew that he was a liar i mean there was A whole list of things about him but i Didn’t want to see it i was like no no No mom i you know you just want to keep Me here you just want to keep me here so I could pay the bills and you know i Kept throwing that at her in the past And i made the decision to marry this Guy and then later on he cheated on me Left me for another woman and took my Other two kids which my oldest kids at The time

And then i Blamed and blamed him and blamed her and I was a victim and oh my gosh but to Tell you the truth folks if i if i would Have listened to my mother none of that Would have happened you see what i’m Saying so i had the free will to marry Him or not or be with him or not or move On to somebody else instead of trying to Control him and him trying to control me I mean it was crazy but we were babies We were only 21 years old i mean what do You expect right So That’s the moral of the story You know it’s basically in order for you To be successful you know i had to Look at myself in the mirror and say you Know what I can continue complaining and Complaining about the situation all i Want but look nothing is changing around Me no sir the circumstances is still the Same i’m still upset i’m still depressed And blasey blasey blasey so i knew it Had to take me to make a difference to Change myself so i learned about Meditation i started Getting into meditation and i got into Nlp became an nlp trainer got became a Clinical hypnotherapist learned about That i wanted to learn about the Workings of the mind you know why we do The things that we do sometimes

And I started listening to a lot of great Speakers that were very successful Multi-millionaires and i also had a guru That taught me before youtube ever came Out that he was a he was a Multi-millionaire and he taught me the Way to think not to talk negative watch My behavior watch my thoughts stop Saying negative things because i’m going To be creating that reality so that Really woke me up and i thought he was a Fanatic at the time i said this guy’s Crazy what’s wrong with him right And For longest time i didn’t believe that He was a multi-millionaire and then Finally he had me call in and listened To the his bank account Bank of america and they said 500 Million dollars and his name and Everything so i was like oh my god i was Blown away i’m like wow this Multi-millionaire millionaire guy is Going to is teaching me things and he Was teaching me things about law of Attraction But he never said law of attraction he Just said i want you to imagine That you have your kids with you right Now just just see your kids around you And whenever he said that i just started Crying and i would say are you freaking Crazy are you mad i can’t even think

About my kids i can’t even see their Pictures every time i see it i would cry Because it was like a death to me okay So I was really programmed just like many Of you out there very very programmed to Believe that you are a victim of External circumstances but i’m here to Tell you folks I’ve been there I’ve been there and i know exactly how You feel i know what it feels like to To Have a divorce i know what it feels like To go through the pain of losing your Children for a while I don’t know the feeling of losing your Children to death but i’ll tell you it Was it felt as though it was death like I would never see them again and i would Have horrible dreams about them it was The most horrible traumatic experience I’ve ever had but i will tell you when We go through this horrible traumatic Experience in life it teaches you a Lesson that hey You’re stronger than this there’s a Reason why this had to happen and my Father used to tell me there’s a reason Why this had to happen there’s a reason Why your marriage didn’t work out it’s Because the universe is trying to tell You something because if you would have Stayed there any longer it would have

Gotten worse and worse and worse but There was a reason why he sent you out You know it on vacation so he said and Then turned around and he was having a Relationship with with one of my friends So yeah If that never happened i would have Never been on youtube i would have never Met the multi-millionaire guy to change My mind to change my thoughts to To Create the world that i wanted to live My passions to live my dreams and i made It happen and i’ll tell you if you would Have known me back then when i was Broken when i was having to work as a Dancer just to freaking get by okay and Then telling all my clients my stories About oh my god i’m a victim i mean Trust me i wasn’t always this way i had To learn i had to go through some Hardships to get to where i’m at today And i’m not here to talk about sorrow But i’m here to tell you i’ve been there Before i have been a victim i played the Victim role and i’ll tell you it doesn’t Work you have to take you have to take Full responsibility for your life And if you want to be successful if you Want to be an entrepreneur if you want To live your dreams you cannot keep Believing that something outside bigger Than you doesn’t want you to succeed in Life because the more you keep believing

That guess what you’re going to create That in your own real in your own Reality there’s a good book to read it’s Called the science of getting rich by Wallace d wattles i’ve mentioned it Several times Read that book folks get the get the Audio listen to it you can get it on on Youtube and listen to the audio and he Even says whatever your mind focuses on It becomes if your mind focuses on war Your mind becomes war you start bringing War into your reality when you focus on Wealth richness happiness passion guess What you’re going to be attracting more Of that in your life and for the longest Time i was involved with a type of work That really sucked me dry it was the Whole secure creditor sovereign type Work now i’m not saying that all my Clients sucked me dry i had a lot of Nice wonderful clients that worked on Themselves they were involved in Personal development and these people Were the most easiest clients that i can Work with and they understood what i was Trying to teach them as opposed to some Of these other people that i was Training and they were the they were the Ones probably believers of determinism Where Oh well i’m a victim there’s nothing i Can do you know and uh you know i’m Entitled to this and i’m entitled to

That and they and the government needs To give me money and the government owes Me this and everyone owes me that and I’ll tell you right now no one owes you Crap No one owes you nothing Because you created your reality no one Owes you anything if you got to sit Around and wait for someone to owe you Something whether it’s the government The police your ex or whoever You got you got problems you got Problems and you’re going to be waiting For the rest of your life you know There’s a lot of other groups healer Groups They’re sitting around waiting for the Spaceships to come and save them they’re Waiting for donald trump to come and Save them they’re waiting for you know Whoever to come and save them because They don’t want to do the push-ups Themselves so As an entrepreneur And a successful one at that I’ll tell you right now the only way i Became successful was when i finally ate Up my own crop and said hey i have to Live up To my word i have to Face My my shadows and realize that i am not Perfect that i have been allowing Allowing my external circumstances to

Run my life And i’ll tell you it’s because of that That decision i became stronger and There’s a saying whatever that doesn’t Kill you makes you stronger and it made Me so strong that i was able to move out Of the united states because i didn’t Agree with some things that was Happening over there there’s a lot of Tyranny a lot of corruption going on With the people but again i don’t blame The government one bit i don’t blame Them they’re just simply doing a job Because they have to deal with a lot of Victim-minded people a lot of Victim-minded people that believe that They are entitled to something that Don’t believe That they are god within they don’t Believe that they are limitless beings They believe that they are their ego Their identity and believing that oh my Gosh i’m this little me and someone has To hurry up and take care of me and i Had to move myself out of that Programming in order to get what i want In life and i’ll tell you my husband and I we travel the world We live right next to the caribbean in a Four Story four bedroom six bathroom house And i ha i got the The silver button a hundred thousand Subscribers on my youtube channel on one

Of them uh back in 2017 I’ve had a lot of achievements in my Life and i’ve done a lot we owned two Yachts okay we ended up selling them we Had them for a few years it was great But very very expensive lots of Maintenance and i’ll tell you they say You know the best days of your life is When you first buy the boat and when you Sell the boat and i kid you not we had Experience with that and we lived right On a tropical island in isla mujeres Right on crystal clear blue water and You know what it’s not peaches but i had We had the passion to go after things we Are risk takers folks and that is the Power that you all have you have to step Outside of your freaking familiar zone In in believing that that this is what Your destiny is this is what god has for You this is your destiny so you have to Deal with it you have to live within Your means you know those dreams are for Rich people that’s not for you yeah i’ve Heard it all before i’ve heard it before Folks and i’ll tell you if i would i Believed all that crap who knows where The hell i’d be today Much love and light guys i just wanted To share that Share this with you with a free will and Self-responsibility To let you know that you are you are The god magician of your own reality

Come listen to us on monday through Wednesday at 10 a.m central standard Time on and also Check out our temple the for slash Events we’re going to have a workshop Coming up on october 22nd and 23rd Talking about all of this uh information On training people to take their power Back it’s time to move from victim mode To freaking success mode folks be a Victor not a chattel take care You

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