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Hi everyone welcome to illuminating Minds radio this is Dr Durana Johnston And my gosh I have been going through we Have just relocated across the Yucatan Peninsula And we're so happy about it we're just Oh man it was too much going on in in Cancun area just too much chaos going on Over there And it was interesting it was like oh You know I've been living in in Cancun for so for 10 years off and on actually So yeah it just kind of led me to you Know let's get out we need peace and Quiet and something in my soul just told Me you know it's just time to to go Um time to go to the Yucatan area the Other side of the peninsula where There's a lot of um we're surrounded Surrounded by the Mayan pyramids by the Way absolutely beautiful Um in Cancun you're not really Surrounded by the Mayan pyramids because It is a very fairly new Um city which was just created like what 50 years ago okay But in the Yucatan you are surrounded by So much so much energy And all of the pyramids are on the Synchronic lines Which helps with magical manifestations And it's it's really interesting it's Like every single time we come more into

The Yucatan on the other side towards The gold Things start to happen you know we get More Enlightenment we we receive a lot More messages in sight all that fun Stuff and our manifestations are just Off the charts whatever you're putting Your mind on you're focusing on and in Magic especially in magic things happen Very very quickly and that's why we tend To come back here yes it's it could be Hotter than Hades as hot as Egypt Believe me it could be really hot it's Hot and dry weather compared to the Quintana Rose side which is on the the Caribbean side So we just needed to take a break from There because it's just more of a Tourist area and everywhere we walk they All look at tourists they see tourism You know everywhere we go there's Tourists they look at you like you're a Tourist all the time and and the prices Are a lot it's way more expensive there Because you're paying tourist prices Okay I'm gonna get to the point here So I'm My experience As a magician that I've been I've been a Practicing magician for God knows how long since the age of 17. And as a power as a practicing magician And uh I see a lot of things happening

In our world today I even got involved with the starseed Movement for a while the lightworker Movement for a while it was fun and Exciting but there was that question in My mind Why are the people that are starseeds And light workers they are so powerless Yes you can Channel all these other Entities sure no problem I can Channel Entities too but where Where's The Power Within These Individuals When they have to sit on their hands Waiting for the Galactic Federation to Show themselves Just like some of the Christians they're Waiting they're sitting on their hands Waiting for Jesus Christ to fix their Problems Same concept applies so as a magician I Always had a problem with that and I Knew there's something very very wrong It's like they're turning people into Wusses literally Also along with the Q Anon movement Let's check it out let's check out all The um the signs and see what they're Saying so everyone else gets it and we Can all we can all you know find out What's going on and you know I mean Focusing on the external world To give them any type of um go ahead Okay now it's time for you to move or

Time for you don't worry sit on your Hands because Trump's got it all don't Worry because we got the CIA on it no Worries or or the former CIA who's a Whistleblower don't don't worry about it Just sit on your hands it's all going to Be okay And that's when I it was really funny Was during the time of 2009 2010 is when I discovered this the secure the Sovereign movement and therefore the Secured creditor movement And I got involved with that because I Had to leave the whole starseed thing Behind because I had serious issues I Had to deal with which the freaking Starseed Community had could not help With okay And I came across Learning about being a secure creditor Being a sovereign taking back my power Utilizing paperwork The UCC to control take control of my Life And put everything you know that I own Assets even my family in a private trust To protect myself and in the beginning It was to protect myself from a Tyrannical agency known as child support Because my ex-husband at the time Um Use them to come after me he didn't need The money at all he did it because you Know after he took my children from me

Illegally and wrongfully he tricked me Into doing this Because I was on vacation with my family In California he did some paperwork and All this crap he had a lawyer in his Side and made it look like I signed my Rights away which was utter because I would have never done That I would sign for medical stuff just To make sure that my kids are fine but Other than that no I would never sign my Rights away to my children ever up to That son of a gun So what happened was I ended up Learning information that just came to Me from the powers that be that said hey You need to learn about this this is Going to give you your balls back you Know you're the power back To defeat the son of a gun and I it Worked it totally worked So a lot of the the folks that I hung Out with in the starsy community they're Like oh It's nice that you're You're doing the the secure creditor Thing but you know that that's that's Not really the that's kind of against Our principles or our religion because Everything we have to be you know we Have to be peaceful and we have to be Good and we have to you know And I go and you have to what wait for The Galactic Federation to show their

Asses to defend you you can't defend Yourself So I had a major issue with that But the universe or my guides my Powerful guides said you know what get Away from that movement because you're Losing yourself and you need to take Action now you need to freaking learn About your own sovereignty and use the Power of being a secured creditor and Operating on the private side If you're very new to that part I highly Suggest just go to secured Now I got the domain now secured I'm really excited I got The present tense and The secured so you can Either one just type that in it will Take you to my blog and it will teach You What it is to be a secure creditor okay So I'm going to move into you know I'm Not going to be focused on that I'm just Telling you my little story So later on down the road In 2014 I started watching A guy by the name of EA co-edding I Started following him And he was talking about that he had a What he has a website called becoming a Living God or become a living God And I just I found him on YouTube and I Just started watching his videos and I Thought oh my God and he he's a Satanist

And I thought everything that he was Talking about and explaining was like Holy crap this guy's right on He's got some balls I like that He's not fluffy bunny waiting for Ascension and and you know and and That's exactly what's going on right now Like And and also Real quick I just wanted to throw Something before I move into a quetting Even more I've been watching a guy named Mark passio thanks to one of my viewers Who put that link under one of my YouTube videos I pre I appreciate you so Much thank you by the way Mark passio is Is freaking awesome he is also he's he's A satanic priest or was a satanic priest But you got to hear the words that come Out of this man's freaking mouth it's Like wow Holy crap like he explains everything About the government and if you don't Know about a lot of Satanism or Satanist And I'm not talking about the ones that You know that eat babies and are Pedophiles if anything we're completely Against that because I know I am These people that are like say part of The satanic temple they are they're Satanists and they don't even believe in The spirituality okay not not all Satanists are like that but theist Satanist Thea satanists do believe in

The spirituality that is where I come That is where I'm at where I categorize Myself so yeah I am a Satanist but in a Theistic way And I will explain why but Satanism to Me is all paganism it doesn't really Matter okay But I don't believe in the whole um like You would call it the the Cabal that's going on with the Celebrities if anything Satanism is Completely against that completely And when you hear this man talk mark Passio He explains government control of the Mind and religious control of the mind And he has a video out called New Age and the suppression of the Sacred masculine please watch that video Guys it is a very good video and it's Going to answer a lot of your questions You're going to be like damn this guy Has this together and he's got Balls and he's shedding some amazing Light that people are being brainwashed By believing that everything is good you Know put up with it it just is that's How it is and what it's doing it's Suppressing you from from being the Powerful Viking we once were the Powerful warriors we once were So And And I will get into so so I will get

Into Mark palcio in a minute but right Now I just wanted to throw that out for You to start watching and following this Guy this guy knows his okay he gets Down to the point because I'm starting To see a lot of going on Literally people women feminine Suppression masculine suppression and That's what we're against that's what Theistic satanists are against Suppression of the human Um of humanity By the freaking uh bureaucrats By the Communists we are we don't like We are against any of that okay So I'm letting you know But anyway I so I I followed EA coating Many years ago back in 2014 and he was Teaching people how to become like how To connect with uh a demon okay he said You know he he Was he was part of many many Um organizations spiritual organizations You know Buddhism which is really Awesome too because you get to tap into Your all you know you're all all-knowing Self through meditation So he practiced a lot of different types Of uh spirituality But then one day he decided you know I'm Gonna go ahead I'm gonna connect with a Demon so why not Because christian christian religion was The one that created the whole concept

They created the devil okay So they created it so much that and what Demons really are and I'm gonna let you Know what demons are because then people Are like oh my God you're talking about Demons oh my God that's that's what the Hell your demon worshiper and all this Crap demons Were our gods they were Gods long before Christianity ancient gods that were Pushed aside by the Roman Church And being told to The Peasants who you Should worship and who you shouldn't Okay so when Christianity came I mean Before Christianity there was paganism There's always been paganism among other Groups you know we had people that you Know the people that worship the the Roman The Roman gods as true at true skin at True skin if I'm saying it right Gods Um the Greek gods And there was no devil or demon or any Of that crap okay and we have all the And we go all the way back to Gilgamesh To the Sumerians they had their gods That they they worshiped or they Connected with and the Egyptians and so Forth they didn't they weren't into okay This is the devil you know or this is Evil I'm gonna I'm Gonna Worship the Evil spirits they were just gods so That's what the demons are demons are Just God our Gods they're the ancient

Gods that were pushed aside by Judeo-christian Christianity Yet they tell their peasants no you are To worship this worship God okay or Worship Jesus but yet behind the scenes They are worshiping those old gods Which you would call them demons this is Why they're so powerful this is why they Have their freaking they're really rich And wealthy they don't want you to know How to connect with these powerful Beings and I'm going to tell you what Happened to EA colletting After I connected with you know uh his Teachings and then I started I did a Pact myself with one of the Demons which Is known as the Zazzle okay or a Zazzle And I did it because I I wanted to know If it really worked because I've gone Through Santeria Santeria I've gone Through Yoruba I've gone through all Types of freaking the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn and I have a lot to say About them believe me okay And nothing freaking worked and it was For me to connect with my daughter who Who my my uh ex-husband took me away From since she was five years old okay I've gone through all these other groups All this type of magic with no results The moment I made a pact and a pact is Not selling your soul to the devil that Is that is a myth I would never

Sell my soul to anything So what I did was I made a pack which is A contract get it contract law It was a contract between me and Azazel To work as partners And I said please help me I want to connect with my daughter I Haven't seen in years I want to know how she's doing and I Want to put a stop to child support show Me the ways show me the teachings on how To do it And I kid you not folks listen to me Here I was desperate I would I would do Anything to connect with my daughter Again When my ex would keep saying no they Don't want to my your my kids don't want To talk to me okay and I and I know a Lot of you who are going through child Custody issues you're going through the Same old too So when I finally made a pact with Azazel My life changed I never went back Within months I would give it maybe about six to eight Months My daughter contacted me on Facebook She finally contacted me after all these Years and I think she was maybe 16 or Something like that she wanted to Connect with me

And she told me what happened That my ex-husband her father and the Woman who was a complete effing Okay She was his second wife and she was the One who kept Acting like different profiles Pretending she was a different person on Facebook in Myspace to connect to Contact me just to harass me I went Through so much with this woman Well sure this woman ended up Going against my ex-husband cheated on Him with her ex-boy a husband Okay really funny and the and the first Girl that he cheated on me with Who actually was part of this whole in The beginning of our divorce she was a Lesbian or bisexual He he uh jumped on hearse and took my Kids with him Eight months later she ended up leaving Him for another woman so there was a lot Of reversal with him Couldn't because I was doing the right Thing he was doing the wrong thing right So anyways this second wife that he was With Causing a lot of havoc And finally she cheated on him and went Back to the ex-husband so it was funny Because I put it in the pack I said I Want his I want them to split apart and I want I I want conflict between them

And all everything that I put And sure should it happen within that Year Did it work with Jesus did it work with All my angels Raphael Gabrielle all These other you know all this other Stuff no Salt I'm telling you right now Ever since I started working with Azazel I my life has changed for the better And I make a pact every year every year And I renew it every year you know I Didn't make a pack like forever I wanted To make a pact every year because every Year I change every year I want Something new So this is my this is my um you know I Made another pact earlier this year No actually last year last year And I promised that you know he would Bring me more clients with more Information giving me more information So I can better serve my clients when he Did that I would come out of the closet And I would really really share that I Have been working with Azazel so I have Follow through with my promise to him He is a God but in the Bible oh he's the Devil and he's And what he was doing In the Bible he was helping humankind To create weapons To protect themselves from what tyranny That's

Who he was known for what he was known For That is Azazel okay So I wanted to share this information Because people are becoming extremely Deceived in a lot of ways And by following the light and following The right hand path and everything is Light and love and if if it were a Perfect world guys if it were a perfect World it would be that but it is not we Live in a world of duality We lived in a world of a duality Construct Black and white good and bad okay And In this realm of the Matrix that we live In I would be safe to say the rulers of This realm Are the most ancient Entities Which are known as the demons because This is their Realm So when you conjure them they actually Are there to help you they are there to Assist you And you know so I've had more Experiences better major Miracles that Have happened in my life working with Demons okay As opposed to just Angels now Maybe it's just me but there have been People that have had experiences with

Like Santeria gods and they've had Amazing experiences but you don't really Have experiences unless you are Initiated as a syntheta or a sentero in The Santeria lineage and that is Perfectly fine and their gods would be Considered again this is an example They're Gods and the Arabian Gods would Be considered devils To the Christians to the Muslims you Understand what I'm saying they don't See the devil That's the same thing with demonal tree Demonology demonology is the devotion And working with demons Just like working with angels it doesn't Really matter Okay Um so that that has been my experience And that has and I you know I moved on To that path Since for since uh 2014 and nothing but Miracles have happened I've also been Able to defend myself using the power of Azazel and all the other demons Through threats like life threats I had A guy that was coming after my family There was a big miscommunication Um I don't want to get into it but he Was a real he was coming after us okay And he threatened he says I'm going to Come after you I'm going to hurt you and All this crap so immediately I was using The power of radionics along with

Conjuring up my you know demon family And I sent a shitload over to him within That night or two days later Two men on bikes shot at his car that The car Hit the tree And in smashed smashed the tree so Freaking hard he had to go to the Hospital and he ended up on on the Bedridden With a catheter up his you know what for Weeks And I said you want to keep on going Come on down See the thing is as as a Um A magician who practices both sides of The coin you know whether it's left or Right hand path you know I call it Sovereign magic okay And I utilize that power to protect me And my family Whereas the light worker in starseed Would conjure up the arcturians and pray And hope and send love and all this Other I don't agree with that At all I do not agree with that at all okay and Just like what Mark passio mentioned and I'm going to say this I'm going to read This to you Like I said you should watch this video On YouTube very enlightening New Age and the suppression of the

Sacred masculine mind control On the left Works through the left and Binds the right brain based upon the Erroneous and dogmatic belief that there Is such a thing as authority vested in Certain human beings which gives them Special rights which others do not Possess Okay and then um And then the right brain Religion Works through the right brain And left binds the left brain if we give Up our Free Will and personal Responsibility to perform right rightful Action some deity government Guru ET Race or Mystical Force will save us That is guys Okay this is exactly what the Q Anon Movement is what the the Um the lightworker starseed Ascension We're all going to raise our vibration And we're gonna disappear with wings and All this crap We're not going anywhere guys Everything is right here in the now and That's what I love about Buddhism so Much everything is here in the now and Being in the present moment That you are already God Why pray to a why pray to God That they make you believe oh pray to God their God Which is based on tyranny When you are already God

And I see us because we're already God We have created entities and thought Forms known as Angels Jinn demon fairy You know animal totems whatever the hell Because we create we are creators We make this happen Okay So until Humanity finally realizes And and stops giving their power away Over to a parasitical entity Such as this okay that that Shuns down shuts down your power Suppresses you And uh makes you weak turns you into my Husband says and I'm gonna say it turns Men into because that's exactly What it's doing Men have to have some balls and gain Their balls back and same with the women And that that's the whole thing even the Wicca movement okay the Wicca movement Is is not it was a New Concept based out Of paganism but it wasn't real paganism The Wicca movement is all about fluffy Bunny okay If you do this in a negative way it will Come back to you three times three it's All Chris based on Christianity It's not real witchcraft Okay So it was derived from paganism of Ancient paganism of the old ways and as I mentioned paganism is based upon the Belief in other entities other entities

That had to deal with like say the Forest Um you know the rain they had to live They were many of them were farmers they Had to you know Farm food and and they Had to farm plants and animals and all Of that so they gave these other Entities names That they would work with and pan is one Of them pan is a Greek god With a horn The Hooves okay and a flute And everyone and many Christians that Will look at that would say oh my God That's Satan that's that's where Satan Derived from Satanism really derived From if you really want to know Satan Really came from pan And pan was just a god of the forest That's all he was the guard of the the God of the forest Read about it he's not evil he's not None of that But when Christianity came oh they Couldn't wait to paint all the gods with One brush oh you're all evil you're all Heathens you can only believe in one and And you can only worship Jesus that's it And Jesus had nothing to do with it so This this podcast has nothing to do with Jesus nothing to do with that at all Because I believe Jesus was a rebel he Was there to help the people to wake the Frick up but many people decided to

Worship Him He didn't want worshipers he didn't want Slaves only slaves worship When you're worshiping you're a Slave But when you're working with the gods That's a completely different story you Have created a contract with the gods That's it You are a God and the gods are your Brothers and sisters But we ended up coming into this realm In this vessel but when we leave this Vessel we go back I believe we go back To source source of all that is And I know for through my experience a Source is love okay source is love but We came into this reality in a world of Dualism to learn about the power of Contrast because with contrast We become more powerful like let's say When we are stressed out about something And we're like and and we're feeling a Negative energy because we're so Stressed okay let's say about oh my God I don't I need to make more money if I Don't make enough money I'm gonna starve Right so we have that fear well with That fear we have to fill that we cannot Ignore it and pretend that it doesn't Exist with that fear we're able to Catapult even even higher and make our Magic even stronger or our intentions Even stronger and say hey this is Something I don't want however this is

Something I do want I want to be well Off I want to be abundant I want to be Healthy So we need the power of Um contrast as a launch a rocket Launcher as something to to catapult you To the next level that's what Duality is Okay So This is something we have to wake up to If there's anything we have to like any Type of religion that basically tells You what to do and how to do it You know do not come into your full Glory That you need to love A God he never met or a being you never Met you need to love and if you don't You're going to go to hell and burn in All Damnation or eternity and fire in the Lake of Fire that is based on Roman Rule the of the Roman churches Okay We need to wake the hell up Until Humanity wakes up until that day Happens you know we're going to be in Slavery until that day happens people Have to wake up they got to wake up to Their sovereignty they gotta wake up To the religious um and I'm not saying All religion is like that but majority Of the religions out there is to to make You smaller

Is to suppress the woman and the men From being who they truly are is the God's self you are God already But these Uh religions These religions Bring Um Makes you brings a lot of guilt upon the Person A lot of guilt feeling like oh my gosh If I don't do this I'm gonna go to hell Or something wrong my you know what I Mean anything that that involves Anything where there's fear involved Okay And I'll tell you in in theistic Satanism and even just Satanism they are They are against all of that they are Against oppression by communism tyranny Fascism all these governments that want To control the human race it is actually A very humanistic religion okay very Humanist religion When all these other belief systems star C light worker all the your head is Up in the cloud somewhere you're not Hearing the now you need to be here in The now this is what you're here for you Know In The Matrix the whole concept of the Matrix is not about Escaping The Matrix It's about you becoming the power Mastering the Matrix because we created

The Matrix as Gods we created this Reality of dualism For our own Evolution if you will to evolve To evolve into the gods that we are but In order to go through to get to that Point we have to go through the contrast Which is good and bad or what makes us Mad or or what and realizing oh my God This is not right what's going on we Need to do something good you see Something good for the people or Something good for me Or I'm tired of feeling like I need To feel better This is the world of duality We're not escaping anytime soon when we Do Escape when we do leave this vessel Then we go back to where we want to go We go go back to where we came from Okay and there is no hell Out out there unless it's all in your Mind help comes from your mind concept Of hell and heaven is it has to do with The mind and it is a Christian concept So that's the whole point until people Start to realize that there is not going To be no freedom There's not going to be no Freedom among The human population because we're Always looking out for a guru to save Them And this is all based on the programming Of several centuries of programming

That they need to believe in in Something higher that's going to save Them Now what's what is the difference you Might ask well well heck you're Contacting Azazel to save you and all This stuff it's a little different It's different because I'm not asking Him to save me I'm asking him to work With me as a team and along with all my Other all the other entities that wish To work with me because I am the Magician we are Gods we are siblings Not about I'm going to worship on my Knees and hands and I will go to heaven When I do great works you know that That's a little bit different Okay We have access to entities right here Right now that are here to assist you With your Evolution that are here to Assist you with anything even with in my Let's say in in my teachings with my Teachings as a secure creditor instead Of me going to other gurus and teachers I just I just say hey you know what I Contact uh this entity help me to find More Um if there's more knowledge that needs To come forth Bring It On You know what I mean and you know what They answer so fast boom you okay here's More knowledge that will benefit my my Students and out of the blue

The knowledge is just handed to me I Don't have to go searching for it you See what I mean because I'm right here Right now and everything here I don't need to go searching for Anything I just ask and it is given to Me But when I ask God In Jesus and all that nothing nothing Happens because I am God do you Understand that you are God we are all Gods And it is our responsibility to own up To our own too Not blame someone else And be victims And that is an issue when I take in Students to teach in becoming secure Creditors I make sure I don't have Victims because I get a lot of Victim-minded people right away when They fill in the questionnaire when I Detect a victim-minded person I don't Respond back So if you're not receiving an email from Me right away that's because you're a Victim You blame blame blame blame blame and so Therefore if if maybe something doesn't Work with you with my teachings you're Going to blame me too and I don't want To work with people like that okay I Work with people who are who know their God who know that they are are powerful

And they own up to their own Because When you can say that oh my gosh my life Is because of my decisions and my Choices not because oh my God because The politicians did it to me Oh you understand When you're able to own up to your own Decisions what you've made your own Mistakes guess what you're that more Powerful to change to change The direction that you're in You're not blaming someone else for it And that is the power of what Satan Satanism is about And paganism is about as well we own up To our own stuff so we conjure we have The power to conjure up any entity to Help assist us in this space and time That is the power that's who we are But many people telling you and I know a Lot of people are that listen to this Podcast may not even want to talk to me Anymore may not want to follow me Anymore okay And it's fine it's okay that's not a Problem Because I have to come out I have to Come out And speak my truth which I've been doing For the past nine years That there we are being misled and Misguided by a lot of new age baloney And we need to be careful

So much crap going on out there If they again you can tell if it's a new Age if they if they say oh well You know you have to send and you gotta You know just wait you know I don't know There's just so much so much of these Teachings out there oh wait for the Sun The sun's gonna come and blast everyone And then you just move into Ascension oh My gosh you know Wait for someone else to do it wait for Something external to to do it for you To happen to happen for you You know the politicians everyone else Is supposed to do but while you sit on Your hands no no no we all are supposed To be working together Use the power of your imagination use The power of your thought which creates Manifestations you have to do the work You know just sit on your hands wait for Some to happen you have to do the Work too And our work as magicians is putting it Out there utilizing the power of our Emotion power visualization imagination In order to create the reality that we Want we are here to create worlds That's what we do We're not going to run away And we can get rid of all this crop if We wish we can get rid of the power of Government if we wish If we can come together and stop

Fighting against each other because of a Religion because of a race because of Something we can all come together and The the interesting thing about the Satanic temple I'm telling you right now I mean I'm I'm a member of them but I'm Not really I don't believe 100 all their Concepts okay Um because I am a theist I do believe in in spiritually Connecting with higher beings or other Beings And entities and so forth and I'm very Psychic so for me to cut that part out Of my life you know then I'd be a Hypocrite but the reason why I joined Their group is because I agree with the Fact that they are against oppression Government oppression And they're out there activists too they Speak out for the women they speak out For the men Anybody who's being oppressed by these Governments they speak out in front of They're actually doing something they're Getting out there and they're speaking Out Against a lot of this crap going on And against abortion saying you know hey Or or or women's rights to have abortion Women's women women have a right What they want to do to their bodies Whether we agree with it or not they Have the right we as women have the

Right to do what we need to do with our Bodies so the satanic temple is all for That they're against children's Sacrifice they're against pedophilia And if you want to check them out but It's called the Um they are for science they're mainly For Science and they I mean there's a lot of awesome awesome Um What do you call it Concepts that they They live by are their beliefs and it's Really really cool it's like to the Point there is no involved Basically and it's growing it's growing Rapidly all over the world right now all Over Europe and a lot of Canadians I'm Telling you have run to the Temple of The satanic temple because they all want To join because they're like hey you Know and even there are ministers Christian ministers that are even Supporting them because even though they May have a different belief but they Have one they do share one belief Together and that is to combat communism To combat fascism Tyranny government tyranny Telling you what to do and how to do it With your own body and that is what That's a part of the satanic temple Actually I'm going to read that to you While I'm on here satanic which I really like the fact

That you have a say over your own body No one else has a say Pretty freaking awesome right And I highly recommend you check them Out I mean you don't have to join them or Any of that but check them out uh Educate yourself On what truly what the satanic Temple's About now this is not the Church of Satan I mean Church of Satan is a little Different okay I haven't really I Haven't really learned much about the Church of Satan but the satanic temple Is actually it to me I see it more as a Um Like an advocate type of uh Temple you Know they got religious Reproductive Rights protect children project our Religion doesn't believe in hitting Children They're they are for protecting children Um there's after school Satan it's Important that children be given an Opportunity to realize that the Evangelical material is now creeping Into their actually let me let me read Here it's actually pretty cool they got The education with uh Satan and again They don't believe that Satan Is a spiritual being they see Satan as a Symbol Which represents adversary against Uh government oppression on human on the

Human race that's how they see how they See Satan okay and I you know I find That pretty cool But I see because of my education in Paganism Satan came from was derived From pan okay and he was the man with The flu or the the half goat half man With a flute okay so when I see Satan That's all I can see I can I only see Pan now but Um Let me let me read here uh I think There's a fact [Music] Um About uh okay so So basically Um They have a lot of interesting Concepts I'm trying to read but there are cases If you do not believe in the Supernatural how is tsta religion the Idea that religion belongs to Supernaturalist is ignorant backward and Offensive the metaphorical satanic Construct is no more archery arbitrary To us then are the deeply held we Actively Advocate are we supposed to Believe that those who pledge submission To an ethereal Supernatural deity hold To their values more deeply than we are We supposed to concede that only the Superstitious are rightful recipients of Religious exemption and privilege Satanism provides all that a religion

Should be without a compulsory Attachment to untenable items of Faith-based religion belief it provides A narrative structure by which we Contextualize our lives and work it also Provides a symbolism and religious Practice a sense of identity culture Community and shared values And what do you believe we believe in Reason empathy the pursuit of knowledge And our seven tenets one should strive To act with compassion and empathy Toward all creatures in accordance with Reason the struggle for for justice is An ongoing and necessary Pursuit that Should Prevail over laws and Institutions one's body is inviable Subject to one's own will alone so that Definitely right there is against job being told enforced into Jabs Put being you know Taken the job because I have to go to Work or any of that crap that is your Body That is your decision whether you want To do that or not The freedoms of others should be Respected Including the freedom to offend to Willfully and unjustly encroach upon the Freedoms of another is to forego one's Own Beliefs should conform to One's best Scientific understanding of the world

One should take care never to distort Scientific facts to fit one's belief so In other words What you see is what you get in their in Their belief anyway they utilize a lot Of scientific Concepts because before When people were being murdered in the Name of Jesus Christ and that there was A devil and and they oh my God they Believe in Devils people were murdered By the numbers so now it's like you know What before you start utilizing your Belief really use reason really really Use reason and scientific evidence if You're going to even try to go that far Which I totally understand that is good People are fallible if one makes a Mistake one should do One's best to Rectify it and resolve any harm that Might have been caused and also meaning To own up to your own own up to it Don't be a victim of it Every tenant is a guiding principle Designed to inspire an ability and Action and thought the spirit of Compassion wisdom and Justice should Always Prevail over the written or Spoken word Which is very very important The spirit of compassion wisdom and Justice should always Prevail over the Written or spoken word I like that instead of saying oh because The Bible said I'm going to do it this

Way no Let's utilize our Common Sense reason Compassion wisdom and Justice involved Among other human beings Among other people's beliefs and also You know if you are if you're gay if You're transgender whatever the heck it Is And again you know Society has sweeped Them under the rug no no no no don't Don't even focus on them yet only the Concept of man and woman good and evil And and you know under what the Bible Says but yet homosexuality Transgenderism has been around for for Many many many years Could have been thousands of years but It's only only knows so much about it Now it's finally coming out And a lot of these folks are coming to The satanic temple because they're not Finding Um Acceptance in other religions because They're considered the devil what they Do devilish acts right So It's I I find it to be a very humanistic Um A humanist Form of religion or belief system it's All for the people it's for humans for People okay so I find that to be really Cool and other people could you know Others had a guy that was like oh it's

All about human sacrifice and I go no Not not entirely true because that's That's not what it's all about Um Elle and I wanted to bring real quick Before I wrap this up So you're probably asking well heck You know what's going on you know why Are the celebrities you know and and What's her face uh Rihanna she's always Got horns and she's always like praying To something like like devilish right And why are they being so upfront about Their practices And this is this is my take on it guys It's because they're saying into in Front of your face we are connecting With the Sovereign entities That the Roman Church pushed under the Rug we have the power but don't don't Worship them because all of you many of You many of the Christians of course You're all programmed so so don't do What we do and all you would and and They want they they want to they want Resistance from the peasants meaning They want you to throw tomatoes and Onions at them because they want you to Hate What they're connecting with what Energies that they're connecting with or Entities that they're connecting with They want you to hate that so you never Connect with these energies on your own

Accord Which you lose your own sovereignty okay Where in the hell did they learn this They learned it from the pagans the Ancient paganism that they freaking Murdered in the name of Jesus Christ They got they they murdered so many Pagans in the European countries in the Uh Americas they don't want you to Believe or practice what they're Practicing but see they're taking their Practice in a more horrific level on a More horrific level and we call them the Cabal because they are hungry for power Over the people okay so they're Utilizing a lot of the the ancient Teachings from the pagans the the Farmers you know the the folk of the the Of the land They're taking their teaching so they Can use it for their own will and their Own power They don't want you to focus on the Left-hand side and the left-hand side is You know the ancient gods that were kept Under the rug it could be the demons it Could be the gin it could be the most Powerful entities that will get Done for you That's the whole point but they'll They'll put it out there they'll show You hahaha we got the power and you Don't because we know you're all Programmed and you will never

You will never figure it out That's the whole point okay so to me Whenever I see her with the with the Freaking horns I just simply see oh She's she's worshiping pan okay a very Ancient Greek god from thousands of Years ago okay so what But trying to make it all you know it's Like it's so freaking what They're doing really But what they're doing I mean it it's a Whole other concept and then they put Out the concept even more for you of the Illuminati oh the evil and the you know All this to scare you even more because They just want to show that they have More power over you because you don't Know who the you are you're a bunch Of many of us are freaking peasants we Don't know who the hell we are We're like hey good okay you know we Because you've been programmed for for Centuries you've been programmed by These beans and who knows where these Beans come from they could come from Another realm they could come from Another planet they could be the Reptilians or draconians who the frick Knows okay Um but all I know is it's the people That are in power that have billions of Dollars they got more money than you and They have more power and fame how the Hell they have it because thanks to the

Peasants Or the pagans that were practicing long Long before they became powerful That's my take that's my belief and That's my opinion because I just see so Much hypocrisy here It's really funny makes me you know Makes me laugh So really If you want to own up to your own That you are a god Just know that you have the power to Create other platforms you have the Power to create other entities you're The power have the power to assist uh Connect with other entities These ancient entities that have been Pushed under the rug And you can gain that power as well you Can gain a lot of power you can gain a Lot of wealth and success in love Anything that your heart desires But of course you know you're always You're not a bully you're in you are in Alignment with you know you are balanced You know you have compassion You have compassion for beings you know What's right and wrong and so forth Um you know and some people that get Involved in the dark arts it was so Funny I had this one guy come to me one Time he's like you know what I know Radionics and I you know eea coating and I'm gonna make a pack with whatever one

Of the dark Spirits and because you ignore me I'm Going to send a bunch of your way And I go you know you can go ahead I've Had a packed with Azazel for nine years If you you send my way it will come In Ricochet on your ass believe me like It did with many people that have tried To come after us they ended up in a Freaking Hospital You know I didn't have to do anything About it that's my weapon that is my Armor that is my shield Did I do it in the name of the Arcturians in the in the starseeds and The freaking light light beans F no [Laughter] So it's all about Humanity has to own up To their own power Know that they're God know that they are A God or a goddess And You know you're here To create a new reality Stop submitting to these false pretenses Of these illusionary government and Q Anon and starseed guys Time to take your power back okay if you Don't believe in entities that's Perfectly fine believe in yourself Believe in yourself That's number one once you can believe In yourself then you believe in Everything that you you think you hear I

Mean you believe I'm sorry if you Believe in everything that you own you Think your own thoughts And your own words of what you're what You hear from your own words yourself Believe in you And stop giving your power away and Believing in something that's out there That's going to save you We're here to do the work that's why we Came back that's why we keep coming back Here to do the work to help with the Evolution of humanity Like I said The Tyranny the government tyranny that Is here in front of us is because we've Allowed it we as a human race have Allowed it We've allowed it And it's time to put a stop to it so I'm Just going to wrap this up thank you so Much for listening to this podcast check Out Mark passio P-a-s-s-i-o and the video called The New Age and the suppression of the Sacred masculine it is wake-up call Folks it is a wake-up call be aware of All the supernatural crap going on to Make you good and don't focus on the bad Because you have to be good We have to have contrast in our lives in Order to create you need both bad and Good black and white you need all of That in order to create we are

Alchemists we are here to turn lemons Into lemonade that's what we're here to Do We can't be scared of it we can't be Scared of evil We have to own up to our own power And true power doesn't know any of that True power is just like hey I own it I Master I master all worlds doesn't Matter evil good whatever you want to Call it So also I have a group called uh this Circle of Azazel and demonology on Facebook you're very free to check us Out circle of Azazel just type in circle Of Azazel will pop right up come and Join us A bunch of free thinkers humanists People that own their own and People know that who they are we prefer To have you no victims please That's part of the other groups the Whiny groups the complaining groups the Bitching groups we don't want that we Are uh people that are empowered And I'll be putting up a lot of books That you can read that you can learn to Connect with other entities and in the Dark arts of course and also Um I've posted some videos from Mark Passio he's really really really awesome This guy he's really sheds a lot of Light on a lot of Truth and it's just It's common sense with a lot of reason

Okay and then also check out uh if you Want to become a secured creditor you Want to take back your power As a sovereign and basically you know to Protect your assets your family Eliminate certain types of debt court Cases judgments check out secured much love and light and Darkness folks take care

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