Debt Solutions for Every Business

When it comes to debt, we know that the typical business owner is almost always faced with bad advice. That’s because attorneys do not understand how to handle debt problems correctly. They recommend bankruptcy for most, as litigation is their language.

At the point of insolvency, debt-elimination is achieved through an alternative for of asset liquidation that preserves underlying business value while eliminating debt. When value is preserved, all parties can benefit – borrowers and creditors alike – in a solution that is far more rational than incurring new debt, facing bankruptcy, or forced liquidation.

The reorganizational path to addressing unsupportable debt preserves businesses, jobs and economic activity that have been needlessly destroyed for far too long by a broken bankruptcy system.

This is what we do for clients every day.

– SBA loan workouts and Offer In Compromise (”OIC”) settlements
– SBA loan modifications & deferments
– Commercial secured and unsecured loan settlements
– Merchant Cash Advance Debt Forgiveness
– Defaulted commercial mortgage debt
– IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liabilities
– Equipment Leases
– Property Leases

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– When business debt
becomes unsupportable, Banks, creditors, owners,
and even professionals Such as business intermediaries
or private equity investors, All understand what makes
Second Wind different. Our solutions to business debt Preserve value, jobs
and economic activity. – We don’t believe only
the largest corporations Are too big to fail. We believe that all business value should And can be preserved,
regardless of the circumstances Which brought about distress. – Over the past decade,
we have saved thousands Of businesses driven by belief That the historically understood options For addressing debt are inefficient, Needlessly destructive, and
by result, unethical as well. Instead, we’ve adapted and
applied universally understood And accepted principals of reorganization Once reserved exclusively
for the largest enterprises. – When Second Wind preserves
the value of an at-risk Or insolvent business, we
create successful exits For owners, attractive
entry points for buyers, And even maximum recovery
value for secured creditors And a win-win for all parties involved. That’s what Second Wind is all about.

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