Consulting Solutions for Every Business

The vast majority of businesses – from small to middle market – have not traditionally had access to elite business consulting services because of prohibitive hourly fees.

At Second Wind, fees are structured as a percentage of the increase in profits produced, not hourly fees. By result, transformative consulting services are accessible to every business.

Regardless of the challenges being faced, Second Wind’s approach to consulting solutions offers a holistic analysis of all top-line and bottom-line factors. We’ll assist your enterprise in identifying new efficiencies and implementing operational optimizations which will force profitability and reinvention and open new revenue channels.

When best practices are instituted, and fundamentals are committed to, any enterprise can be transformed to reach optimal performance.

Second Wind makes management consulting and turnaround services accessible to businesses of all sizes, by staking our success in our clients’ success–not in hourly fees, which are prohibitive to most companies.

Business Empowerment and Strategic Turnaround (BEST) means doing what’s best for your business.

Our services ensure you will navigate aggressive yet sustainable growth, implement disciplined cash flow fundamentals, and engage in best management practices while enrolling both employees and customers in your vision and corporate story.

From advanced analytics, change management and capital formation, to operations and sustainability, utilizing our BEST turnaround solutions will immediately allow you to redirect your business trajectory from stagnation to profitability–generating value, wealth and jobs across the entire spectrum of economic activity.

Second Wind can help you with:

Accelerator Services for Start-Ups or Re-Starts
Advanced Analytics
Branding & Transformation
Business Brokerage Services
Capital Formation
Change Management
Customer Strategy
Financial Analysis & Profit Modeling
Foundations Design & Implementation
Mergers & Acquisitions Services
Organizations & Operations Optimization
Sales & Marketing
Strategic Reinvention
Sustainability & Transformation

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– At Second Wind, our mission
is to provide solutions To businesses of all sizes. Solutions that traditionally,
have only been available To the largest corporations. In times of rapid growth or change, Management consulting
services can redefine A company’s trajectory,
position it for success, And insulate it from failure. But the challenge for owners Is that lead consulting services Have only been accessible
to those enterprises Capable of absorbing otherwise
prohibitive hourly fees. – At Second Wind, we take
a different approach. We stake our success in your success, In the growth we help you create, And in the profits we help you produce, Not in hourly fees. For every business, your business, We believe it’s a better
model and a better way.

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