China Covid Millions back in Lock down! Are you prepared?

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Hey everyone this is Joanna Johnston how Are you Did you know that China is being is prepared right now is Getting prepared again for another round Of lockdowns Um I was speaking to a good friend of Mine from Greece she teaches uh people From China She does workshops online and she says It’s very true they’ve been in lockdown For two months and now They’re getting ready they’re getting Ready and prepared To go to Europe after that that’s not What happened this is another round of The pandemic are you guys ready and are You guys prepared for that Have you guys gotten your paperwork done Yet have you gotten everything prepared Or are you still sitting on the Sidelines Why don’t you look it up go to BBC Actually go to the link below to find Out about what’s going on in China and How they’re all getting ready and Wrapped up for the new The next new Um the second pandemic yeah and this Time they’re going to make sure Everybody gets it everybody gets it that Kool-Aid drink everybody gets it if you Are a slave and you got that slave Number still you are going to get that

Kool-Aid drink and they’re gonna force It on you get ready and get prepared Those of you that are secure creditors You transmuted that social you listen to Me hoorah You have nothing to worry about You want to know more go to learn more I’ve been Doing this work for 13 years Still Standing Tall protecting my family Because I know I knew what was coming around the pike Many years ago and I got prepared Instead of digging my head in the sand Time for you to wake up folks

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