CBDC will not effect us Secured Creditors!

We are going to be alright because we are secured creditors! CBDC will not effect us! How awesome is that!

So as a secure creditor you don't we Don't have to worry about the cbdc That's the whole point that's the beauty Of it because once the bank accounts Change over to cbdc in your country as a Secure creditor it would not affect you Because you can you're they're not Tracking you you're a diplomat you are Free and you don't have any limits as The slaves are going to have see they're Not tracking us down they're not going To be chasing us they don't need to Because again we have private foreign Trusts with an EIN number that has Limitless credit so they love us okay so When the banks change over to cbdc it's Going to be beautiful it's going to be Fine for us but the ones that didn't Listen are going to suffer because now You're going to be tracked and traced And you're only going to have a limit of How much money you can spend and have And what you can do with you'll be Tracked and traced also did you know That Russia is going to be set up with The cbdc in April so what does that mean They are communist country right And what are they doing to their people Are you getting it yet is it sinking in Yet folks that's why I say become a Secure creditor get your foreign trust Set up if you're foreign get your Foreign trust set up because once you Show them the W8 with your EIN number

The foreign EIN number and you give it To the bank they are going to freaking Oh beautiful Come down they're going to treat you Like freaking gold that's what I've been Trying to warn everyone to wake the hell Up already check out securecreditor.com And sign up for the March 31st webinar That's coming up and all I have to say Those that don't you're stupid if you Don't Foreign

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