Cbdc is coming to your Bank! More control!

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Did you know That the cbdc Central Bank digital Currencies such as the fedcoin and Britcoin are coming to your neighborhood So what does it all mean It means you will no longer have control Over your money You'll no longer be able to save or Hoard your own money and you will be Limited to what you can spend and on What you want Because the central bank will limit how Much you can have or can't have Is this the beginning of the New World Order you might ask Let's start by breaking those chains And become a secured creditor a diplomat And exit their system as a slave Protect your assets with a foreign Trust Once you do this the system can not hurt You no longer Also get into crypto such as Bitcoin The More We Stand Together to defeat This the more we can put a stop to all Of it want to learn more go to secured Creditor.com and grab your e-course and Ebook now learn more

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