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So my clients haven’t been asking me What about the 1099a and 1099-b Um do you know anything about that and My answer is yes I know a lot about it And it and it’s a way to get you into Prison okay you need to be very very Careful in using A 1099-a and B because You use it to get money out of from the IRS and you know a lot of people and the 1099 oid I I’ve seen so many people go To prison and that is not the answer Folks the answer To counseling out debt is using the 1099-C to cancel out all debt and to get Out of the system but Master the system You need to transmit your social Security number from the social into an Estate which you can do on the IRS Website okay and then once you acquired Your estate number then you go and get Your 98 number but you have to have a Foreign address and me I live in Cancun Mexico so foreign address I’m able to do That and I teach all my students to get A virtual office after they become a Secure creditor of course and then they Can get the the appropriate 98 Which is a foreign tax exempt number and It pulls you out of the out of the uh The jurisdiction the public jurisdiction As a slave and you become a diplomat and With that number you’re able to control All of your llc’s your eins your social Security number on the form 8832 form

And by do doing that you have completely Moved yourself out of the system as a Slave and now you are a secure creditor You become the beneficiary of the trust Just by doing that alone okay so this is What I teach my students this is what I’ve been teaching my students for many Years you can take control of your Foreign corporations all the Corporations that you have in the United States become foreign because the Foreign trust is in control of all of That and not to mention your TDA account Of course you need your Tada account and That’s another thing you don’t deposit Money or credit or anything from the IRS Into your trust checking account like a Lot of people are doing because you can Get into a lot of trouble what you want To do is get a TDA account Treasury direct account open that up and Then wire the money wire transfer the Money into the account and the TDA will Securitize that money you don’t want to Play with Federal Reserve notes or Funny Money notes remember they are IOU note Foreign notes from the Federal Reserve System and that can you know it’s not What you think so many people are like Oh I need to get as much money as I can For my birth certificate and all this Stuff no no no no that’s not how we roll Go to secured creditor dot is that’s our Iceland domain secured creditor for a

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