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Do you need to go over the Ambassador package and silver bullet trust package again? Have you fallen behind? We are having a 4 day in person workshop here in Cancun Mexico and the deadline to sign up is Nov 1st. Taking only 13 folks for in person. It will also be online at the same time. We will go over each document everything step by step. Class begins at 10:00 Am to 4pm est!

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The censorship is getting out of control and pretty soon we will have to have our meetings in person only after this workshop to keep everything private since they are watching everything we do online.

Hey everyone how are you doing this is Joanna and I’m hanging out at the hotel Zone right now Cancun Mexico hanging out In front of this Place really awesome very very busy here Yeah just loving it you know loving Cancun the weather is just beautiful Right now it’s not so crappy like it’s Been for for the summer time so we’re Just hanging out with the family and Everything And I just wanted to give you a heads up That um tomorrow we’re going to be Having a live webinar On the secure creditor and the Silver Bullet trust okay it’s going to be 7 P.M Eastern time and all the details are There below if you want to be Bulletproof you want to protect your Family from seizures tyranny at all Costs and get Diplomat status For the Americans anyway because you can Transmit your social security number Into an estate number I’ll get into that As well for the foreigners it’s fine When you get your foreign trust and Everything’s set up for you it’s going To be awesome and you’ll be protected And that is the way to go guys that is The way to go and again until the first Is the deadline to sign up for the In-person workshop here in Cancun for a Four-day Shin dig three days secure Creditor trust work and the fourth day

We’re going into straight into Transformation it’s going to be freaking Exciting so but come to the webinar Tomorrow and I can explain a lot more And give you a really awesome Presentation my husband and I alright See you soon

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