Bring your Creditor to their Knees Forensic Debt Investigator

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Bring your creditors to their knees as a Forensic Debt Investigator! You dont only validate the debt you validate the company too!

Hi everyone how are you this is Dr Joanna Johnston and we’re going to be Talking about the forensic debt Investigator all right so let me tell You a quick story I was taught by a Forensic Accountant many many years ago on how to Handle certain does and what he taught Me was very very interesting because he Went through a major situation with an Agency and what he did was it was a big Agency it was a billion dollar company And He ended up finding out he invest did a Little investigation and they kept Saying oh you you owe money you owe a Bunch of money and all this stuff so he Did a lot of investigation and he had You know a background in a forensic Accounting and realized that they didn’t Have their paperwork in place and what Does that mean they don’t have the Appropriate paperwork to operate in Commerce and because of that the debt That was against him and some of his Clients because he helped a lot of Clients was null and void so which Basically he was able to get rid of the Debt the debtors that were after him Dropped everything off his um credit Report and just dropped the debt easily Not a problem so you know if you are Going through challenges what if the Company the company that you’re dealing

With Is not in alignment with certain Reporting standards and to operate in Commerce So when that happens you can easily They’re operating everything every Charge is against you is null and void Meaning it doesn’t exist the debt never Existed and that is how you do a really Powerful validation investigation and That’s what a forensic debt investigator Is so he really really helped me to Handle these Companies and to my surprise many of the Debt that was on my credit report just Fell off like nothing it was really Really freaking exciting so you know and Let me tell you some of these companies Were also courts okay yes courts from Canada That didn’t have their paperwork they Didn’t file For taxes they didn’t have tax Registration certificates and they Didn’t have a lot of things to prove That any charges against anybody that They could enforce these laws on anyone How can they enforce any law and anyone If again they are not operating in Commerce properly they don’t have the Appropriate paperwork to do so So therefore this is a loophole that you Can learn as a forensic debt Investigator

You not only validate the debt you Validate the company And when you validate the company you Bring your creditors to their knees and You go after their books Very very simple and if you are Interested in this if this is getting You all excited check out my book The Forensic debt investigator Click on the link below it’ll take you Straight there very very powerful Information and if you are brand new to The whole secure creditor work okay if You’re completely brand new I highly Suggest get the book first learn about Being a forensic debt investigator and Also if you want to take the course I Also have that I’m also offering that as Well read the book And you are going to learn so much it Also has letters it has a letter called The Deadly Weapon letter and also the Administrative process to close out the Case okay you create your own case with The administrative process using the Deadly weapon letter and you may not Even have to go that far in using the Other documents just that one this one Letter alone is going to blow your mind Because you’re actually going to see Some powerful results all right

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