Being Broke is not a Dollar amount! Its Lack of ambition and Vision


This podcast is going to be metaphysical on how we perceive money and how to bring wealth and abundance into your life.

One to illuminating Lions radio this is Dr Tarana Johnston Wells Yeah I used Johnston I everyone knows me By Johnson but I like to throw the Whales because my husband I'm married to Wales So there you go So anyway I want to start off with this podcast To talk about something very Very important You know I've been a follower of Abraham Hicks The Law of Attraction I've done a Lot of personal development work Especially with Jack Canfield John Azeroth a lot of the the millionaire Multi-millionaires And read books like Think and Grow Rich Science of getting rich and we have to Understand and realize That money Is energy Money is energy But many people we have this Preconceived notion you know we Sure we understand what the dollar is FRN notes and all that but I think I Believe a lot of that knowing and Learning about what the dollar is of Course really brings us down and brings Your vibration down where you start to Hate money you hate the dollar you hate Everything right because really you're Only going against yourself

And I wanted to share with you Um a really cool meme that I read today Because it was a thought that came into My head because you know I've had I do Have many clients and Many clients are searching for the free Money For things that are free Because I have you know discharged debt I've gotten rid of Child Support which Is my main Victory I've gotten rid of Other debt issues too but mainly it was Child support because they wronged me Now if child support like if I he my Ex-husband was in the right completely In the right And I was just this no good for nothing Mom and I didn't give a you know And he threw me out and I mean he didn't Throw me out and I was just the mom that Wanted to get on drugs and be a Up Mom okay then then I can understand There's something really wrong right Did the way things happen It was like he was the really bad guy And he threw me out and he did all the This negative stuff And didn't say hey you know what you Could pay child support and watch your And see your kids no it was like you Know what tough they don't want to see You they don't want to talk to you but I Want money that to me was wrong okay That was wrong so I won and I won as on

The private side not through a lawyer on The private side so with that being said You know if it was a different situation Where yes I got to see my kids and talk To my kids and all that so I wouldn't Mind there would be no child support Needed I would be giving them money not A problem because I spoil my kids here I Spoiled the out of my children here My teenagers are you kidding me they're Spoiled run okay I love him to death I Take him to nice restaurants I'm buying Them things I just love them to death That's how I am But unfortunately my other two didn't Get that love because at the time you Know they got my love in a different way I wasn't making much money at the time So I didn't You know I didn't believe in myself at The time To make money to two to follow my vision And ambition and all that at the time When I was married to my ex-husband So you know I settled for Less I settled For being just a housewife And um and it wasn't really the fact That I didn't believe in myself it was The fact that maybe I just didn't know What the hell I wanted to do there's Just so many options I didn't know what My I thought my mission and calling was To be a high priestess of a Wiccan coven Or witchy coven

And I still believe that you know not Wicca but you know more of a witchy Magician thing I mean I'm I'm so in love With magic but I thought that that was My calling and I would just write books And on on Magic But things kind of happen in a different Way So I'm not I'm not here to tell you you Know hey you know you could discharge Debt and don't don't pay your child Support obligations and you know be Don't be a a good for nothing I mean be A good for nothing dad and good for Nothing Mom I'm not here to preach that Okay but there are ways on the private Slide that yeah you can discharge the Debt if you are completely wronged but If both parties are in agreement then There shouldn't be an issue are you you Don't you could keep get the courts out Of the way but anyway let me get back Into what I wanted to say here okay So I woke up this morning and I saw a Meme And it said broke is not a dollar amount It's your lack of ambition and vision oh My God I was thinking about that I was Like how do I convey this message to A Lot of my students out there that are Just trying to chase after free money Okay Um I'm not saying all of them are but There's a lot of this going around

Like can I pull free money out of the Birth certificate can I pull free money Out of this and that I mean supposedly There are groups that have they they Swear that they're doing it they're They're pulling free money out of their Birth certificate pulling free money out Of the 98 the 98 you can definitely do It because you but the way that I know Is through debt Through the foreign trust excuse me I Think I just burped On the radio but Through the foreign Trust You're able to Um discharge debt and also securitize it As well you know but you have to have a Debt it starts off with the debt but you Can always create a debt okay not a Problem you can create a debt and buy in A car you can create a freaking debt you Can securitize the sucker and figure Things out But what I want to talk about is more of A spiritual nature Money is energy everything is Spirit If we were just here to sit on our asses And just and just wait for the Government uh have the government be or The treasury be you know the the gods Over us because that's exactly what it's Becoming okay where we have to worship Them and you know what don't worry I'm Gonna I'm gonna get free man I'm gonna

Wait for the government I'm gonna wait For Donald Trump I'm gonna wait for Q Anon And everything's gonna you know be Perfect everything's gonna we're gonna Have our prosperity funds our nasara I Mean I've heard that for the past 15 years okay nothing has happened Nothing has changed and I got to the Point I got sick and tired of sitting on My hands and waiting so I that's when I Started really learning the process of Being a secure creditor helping people To take back their power and stop Sitting on your hands believing in and an illusion that may never Happen okay This is an IQ test on this planet Or or Flat Earth or realm if you want to Call it realm perfect fine This is an IQ test When you come here And the IQ test is How much do you believe in yourself How much do you believe in your vision And ambition Your dreams how much do you believe in Your dreams How much do you believe in your calling What you're here to do what are you Called here to do Okay so through my experience there have Been times you know even though I did Have a lot of successes in my life with

Child support you know because my work Is to help people to become private and Be secure creditors and handle debt Issues but not go buy things for free You know what I mean because why would You trap yourself in the United States Of America And let's say there's a bomb coming to The freaking country and you're like oh I can only I can only buy things for Free here you know You are free to be anywhere live Anywhere in the world it doesn't matter And To me it was like you know what I When when let me see I'm trying to Figure out what I was going to say it's Early in the morning sorry but If you like trap yourself In a place And you're like no I'm going to live Here in America even though let's say There's a bunch of going on over There and there is there's just a bunch Of chaos going on right now in in America there's chaos in Mexico too but Nothing like America it's the worst You know people don't know what the hell Type of gender they are anymore you know What I mean The kids are being programmed by the Pedophiles I mean I can go on and on and On right just so much going on over There

And there could be a possible War Ukraine could or Russia could freaking Bomb the United States but yeah Everybody wants to hold so tightly to Being an American and hold tight to Their property and all this other Right They want to hold tight and they don't Want to go beyond the borders And the thing is is they identify Themselves with a construct saying I'm An American or I'm in a Mexican or I'm a Canadian no you are a Terran on the land Of all of the realm Period why limit yourself right So for instance you know you're limiting Yourself and you know I've talked to Other people that are just like they're So hardcore in the whole Sovereign Movement And they're like oh no you could you can You know Get things for free and whatever And you know through your birth Certificate and I'm like yeah okay so What happens when you want to go move to Dubai or other places You're only restricted to the United States in doing things with with let's Say the treasury and the banks or Whatever with the United States you know What I mean you're not able to to go Anywhere else you have to be there And sometimes I think sometimes I think

Is this a freaking um Is this a trap To get people to to believe in things And I'll tell you A lot of people I just Got done someone wrote me on an email And this individual had to serve three Years for doing one of the 1099 oids Served three years in jail in prison Okay So a lot of there's a lot of things that You have to be aware of People going out to Free Money free Everything thinking that everything is Free and it is not true it's not true Not in that way not in that way going Because if it's that hard to get it is Not meant to be So with my decision I said to hell with it I'm moving to Mexico I'm living a Beautiful Cancun and I will discharge And I will do my best to discharge Shelves for as much as I can or I just Say I'll never come back to the States again If I don't get my my American passport Which I did this year Um I will never I don't ever have to go To the states again I mean I can still Go with my birth certificate not a Problem at the time if I if I never got My passport And I didn't win with child support I Would still be able to go to the States

But I wouldn't want to I'd be so pissed Off So it's like but I made the decision and I had faith in my higher self in God Within That no matter where I go I am Endless abundance within me I don't need To go to anybody else or anything else To bring abundance into my life I don't Need to to pray to the government And beg them For for for for uh money from them So that's the thing you know when I Finally started to believe in myself and Believed in my calling that I'm here to Help people Not only just to become secure creditors Okay which which is very very important But it's also to be to to believe in Themselves to create What their their um Their passions you know create their Passions and make money from in doing That that's what we're here for we're Not here to wait around to to get be Given money Money is energy money is currency It doesn't matter if money is food money Is you know dirt shells on the freaking Sand it don't matter it's whatever we Give it value to give value to So I find that to be very interesting when

I saw that broke is not a dollar amount It's your lack of ambition and vision And I'll tell you like I said that's What I was gonna say the times that I Did not believe in myself enough even Though I saw complete evidence of Everything in my life And I started giving in to the naysayers Even though they weren't paying my bills Okay they weren't paying my bills they Weren't paying my rent they weren't Paying for anything but I was giving Them power this is years ago And all of a sudden I started become broke I started to Worry about what other people thought of Me Okay I actually believed that at one Time because YouTube was very harsh and I spoke my truth about something and and Then they would send their Minions on Video And they would make fun of me completely Oh Joanna this and drenna that and they Barely have that much subscribers and You can tell they're a bunch of shills And they do that to discredit others who Are getting really big that are becoming Really known and I had hundreds of Thousands of followers on YouTube which Doesn't matter anymore because I have I Still have that on my on my WordPress Website I have my analytics and it tells Me everything I got hundreds of

Thousands of of Viewers on my website so YouTube doesn't Matter anymore But the low self-esteem everything that It caused I and I allowed YouTube to Take over you know to take over my life Thinking I wasn't good enough oh my God You know I have to start all over again On YouTube I'm not getting enough views Or subscriber you know it was all Because of their algorithm and all this because they were um what do You call uh not blacklisting Shadow Bounding me So when I finally took my power back Created my website recreated it and uh You know added courses to everything This year I just really really took my Power back and it was like out of the Blue is so funny I I have so many Students that sign up for this January Program just so many And I'm so freaking happy about it it's Like oh my gosh like when I finally took My power back mentally All of a sudden I get all these students That come out of nowhere they're like Hey I I've been following you for years And I finally want to take um I finally Want to take your course you know crazy Just amazing how things happen that way And that that's the whole point It's all about When you're broke it's because you have

A poor mindset Okay you have a poor mindset you don't Believe in yourself or your vision Some of you will just believe in a job Just over broke now not all jobs are bad Because some jobs are pretty freaking Awesome you know being a pilot maybe is Really cool Um jobs that you don't like let's say You settle for less And that's when I had to realize in my Life I said I have a calling here I have A calling to help people not to not to Give in to the naysayers and go Backwards and say hey I'm just gonna go Work for McDonald's are you kidding me I would never help anybody that would Help McDonald's so It's all about the mindset but we're but There's a plant there's plants out there You have to realize It's a psychological warfare In our con in our countries and in our World right now So anything that you you see that is Against anything just know this the more You resist The more you will it will persist you So if you're against money guess what It's going to persist you you're going To need it now you're going to really Need it the more you're against against Against against it's going to come at You very very hard

That's why in this type of work we're Not against anything we are we flow like Water we flow like water like a keto and Then just I don't know about Ninjutsu But a keto you know you flow with the Opponent You never go against The more you go against you're going to Get more back Okay so the same thing applies with Money And being you know people will say oh I'm so humble and and you know but I'm Still I'm living in poverty and I'm Helping people how the hell you need to Help yourself first number one Because this poverty mindset is coming From a plant and that is the Roman Church It all goes back to the Roman Church The more spiritual you are The more poverty you're supposed to live In which is the more spiritual You are the more Rich you are that's What I believe because you the feeling Of just walking around and saying you Know I'm gonna go pick that car I'm Gonna get me a brand new car that's the One I want the feeling that you have When you go walk because you've had your Accomplishments because you've let's say You had an awesome business or you made It to the top in a corporation and You're just making so much more money

You feel so freaking good you're like You know what I'm gonna go walk over There and go pick up pick my BMW off the Lot I can do it I can do whatever the I want the feeling of Freedom it Gives you There's nothing wrong with that There's nothing wrong with that at all But the poor They're always trying to find ways to Get things for free because they don't Have a vision They don't have the ambition They want to blame the government they Want to blame everybody else because They're poor And they're a victim And that's not what I teach in my Programs The reason why you're poor isn't because Of the government the reason why you're Poor is because of you You allowed it you've allowed it doesn't Matter if the government uses pearls Whatever Um fake money it has nothing to do with The government it has to do with only You okay So I do get a lot of people poor-minded Students that don't think that they're You know that they don't have the the Power within their minds To create their own reality because That's what you're here for all of you

Are gods goddesses you're all of you Doesn't matter if you're broke poor Rich You are all gods and you have to Remember who you are you got to remember That And being a secure cutter is just a tool It's just a tool to help you yes to Protect yourself from tyranny and Corruption because it doesn't matter you Could be a full-on secure creditor a Diplomat and you'll still have charges Against you they will still try to Charge you That's normal because they want money These are the parasites we get it so as Secure creditors we absolve it we're Like not a problem here you go is your 1099c goes stick it up your ass let me Move on and focus on my vision here let Me focus on my vision here but anyway All the parasites yeah here's your 1099-C and your A for V or whatever the just get out of my face you know They're always going to want to come try To come after you but as creditors we Turn it we transmute it we are Alchemists so we don't I ah let me see We're not just secure creditors we're Alchemists That's why we transmit the social into a Estate number we transmute the debt into Credit We're Alchemists so we are Alchemists in A spiritual manner okay we are a lot

More than what we think we are But again secure creditor being a Beneficiary of your trust or the CES KV Trust or the trust that you create I Mean you're sh you're teaching yourself That you can create this you can do this You can protect yourself you can Transmute debt into credit And it's a great beginning But in truth you are God already You're already God You're already the one and there is only One there is not you you me they it's Just one we are all one And how do I know that part isn't from Reading books it was from meditating for 15 years really meditating connecting And being and actually going into that State of Mind where you are one with all You can actually see with your own eyes It's crazy like your third eye that you Are one with a cat with a dog with a Person across the street like you there Is no separation Okay but for some reason we we created The system we did not They we did we created the system we Created The Matrix so we created this Way of handling Um our ego okay so the oppressors that Come after us is just an ego an aspect Of us so we have to learn to forgive Isn't that interesting that is absolving Absolution forgiving the debt

We're doing the Jesus thing okay we're Transmuting the debt into credit But at the same time let's not Just focus on that how do I get money And and to buy things how do I how You're God Hello are you do you think less of Yourself already What is your passion in life what do you Dream about What do you want to achieve in life That's how you're gonna make your money That's how you make money you create Money Or take money whatever that's what Andrew Tate says you take money that's What business is Whatever your passion is that's where The money is and a billionaire told my Father that many many years ago Sandy Seaman the creator of LA Gear Shoes told my father my father was a Tailor a really high-end Taylor out of Manhattan Beach California okay Told my father Do what you do best And the money will follow Just focus on do what you do best what Do you do best in life what are you good At doing The money will come it's not the other Way around you don't go chasing after The money in in another way you create It you create the way the The Vision by

Believing in yourself that you can do Whatever the frick you want to do that Is in alignment with your heart And the money will just come But it's not like it's not like okay if You're good at so many things and I Understand that I'm good at a lot of Things but there's a calling there is a Mission that we're here there's a call You see what I mean And I didn't know my calling it was very Funny because as a housewife at the time With my first ex and my second ex I didn't know what my calling was I Thought my calling was to be a psychic Reader because that's what I was I I did Psychic readings for people And I and I fell in love with it and I And I and people would just come to me For advice since I was a kid 17 years Old people come to me for advice older Women too and I thought that was my Calling I said that's it that's my Calling And then one day I I go through this Divorce with the next my first Ex-husband And I go through this whole trauma okay And then my my other husband and I my Second ex he's a sweetheart we're still Good friends we wanted to buy a house And something stopped us from buying a House we had our credit perfect Everything I got rid of all the debt

Whatever through Lexington Law Firm And then all of a sudden something pops Up to prevent us from buying a house After waiting six months and it was my My ex-husband's credit for 500 for some Stupid and I'm like what I got so Mad I blew up I said why the can I Not buy a house when I blew up and I Said that to the universe This guy the EFT tapping guy named David Shoulderly pops up talking about the Straw man and the birth certificate Right in that moment in that time the Universe was saying the reason why You're not buying a house is because you Were not meant to to fall for the Trap You are meant to do something more and It was the secure creditor The Sovereign Thing he started talking about straw man Birth certificate I was there to sit Down and do EFT tapping on myself too to Get to relieve my anxiety And then I you know I met a guy named Eddie who created the air cars on air he Told me the whole story with the Government how they tried to shut him Down all this so I am being called To do this work no matter what anybody Says about me any naysayers whether I Have all the process if I I have part of It it doesn't matter the fact is I'm called to do this I was called to do This and I wasn't looking for it I Wasn't looking for this work at all it

It came to me then I realized what my Calling was and I go this is crazy You know so I'm still doing it I'm still advancing And the more information and knowledge When the time is right and the funny Thing is I don't go fishing for it I Don't go fishing for information I let The universe bring it to me I say okay God or goddess or whatever Um is this all I need to know or is this More information whatever information Please bring it if I meant to know this And you know what someone pops up and Sends me information I don't need to Chase after it anymore I know how to get It Ask and it is given and you all can do The same thing because all you're doing When you're communi communicating with The universe you're communicating with Yourself you're communicating with your God self To give you the energy and to believe in Your in that when you get receive that Message you have to believe in that That's the problem we are we don't Believe in it many times Whatever message we receive We doubt ourselves because media tells You to doubt yourself Authority all these doubt yourself You're crazy there's something wrong With you

No because God Is You So I came to a part in my life and the Reason why I point in my life Where I learned so much information and Then there was times I was like I don't Need to be chasing after this Information I'll just keep teaching what I know what has worked for me what could Help others And that's what I'm here to do that is My calling and I love doing it and I and That's why I prefer to do things live I Like to do my courses live because Instead of just doing oh here go go to a Course and then answer the the students Questions it to me it's not the same Like live life is fun because you get to Know the student you get to know their Background what they went through you Know and and we get to all relate with Each other that is the most beautiful Part of live teaching in live classes Everybody tells a story and I just get So excited about it it's like oh my God Tell me more stories you know Um it's communication with everyone who Understands this process Because I understand you can't talk to Your neighbor about it I can't talk to My neighbor hell I'm in freaking Mexico Hey you know about that a for V over There I mean No One's Gonna know what The hell that you're talking about here Even the expats here that live here so

It's it could be a lonely world But let's get to the bigger the bigger Picture here the reason why you're Learning this information the reason why You're being drawn to this information Is because you've created it I didn't create this information you Created it you created it you created The secure creditor you created all of This you created The Matrix you we Created everything So that's why maybe a lot of you are Drawn to me because I see things a lot In a higher perspective I don't see Things from a very low perspective where Where I'm very um what is that word There's a word And it's called Um goodness gracious it was atop my head Because Alex Jones is that way you know Just very uh polarized that's the word Very polarized You know we're against polarization Means being against black and white you See things black and white good and bad You're against Okay War I don't see things like that I see Things neutrally even the bad I see Things neutrally like well maybe the Reason why the Bad Hat happens because People had to it had to change people's Minds Okay I see things completely different

Because of meditation and because of My connection to my own source that That's what source sees Source sees Through The Eyes Of Love not the eyes of You know War all the time But we when we moved back into our Bodies our ego self then then we see Through our ego eyes okay but we have we Are we're balanced with our soul too Through the love So we're It's like we are We come to this information not because It's a waste of time we come in this Information because we were brought to This information we created this before We got here onto this plane of existence So when we got here when we came to this Planet or Realm We knew the triggers what was going to Happen we created the trigger we created The person that was going to come to us To tell us more about this information Or more about ourselves more about to Enlighten us we created everything So when we finally get that Reality That we created everything Then we start to evolve we start to Really evolve and realize holy we Did the whole we did everything here We did everything So it's all about believing in yourself Money is Just Energy

Go after your passions Don't and this is the the interesting Thing my um The guy that that passed over uh a good Student of mine worldly traveler When we were teaching transformation Work okay this was back in 2019 he had a Problem with money too He asked me As a secure creditor Is it okay if I I have an opportunity to Make multi-million millions of dollars Is that okay he asked me that I kid you Not such a sweetheart too I looked at him like why the frick would You not want to make millions of dollars Because of course we're being taught Well With every dollar we make Or we create we're creating more debt For the world Okay so yeah the dollar creates more Debt but you know what It it is all still a concept and Construct it is still an idea You know it really it was backed by gold And silver that's the real that's the Real money so and I said well if you Don't want to imagine having millions of Dollars have millions of freaking gold Millions of silver maybe that will make You feel better right So sure within a couple years he Became a crypto millionaire he allowed

Himself to be a millionaire because all These other teachings School teachings Was like No if you want to make lots of money You're going to make so many dollars That everyone else is going to suffer I Mean who the is bringing that Up to people Who's making people feel like that Worthless Are you kidding me So live in poverty Keep begging for money but even the poor Is going to beg for many anyway you have To eat So he became rich Just because I told him just a few Things and he just he and he totally Respected me I said anybody who tells You not to be wealthy Has a problem It's because They have a problem they still lit they Still have a contract with a Roman Church that the more spiritual you are The more poverty you are in But there's got to be a balance of Course a happy balance of course if You're just constantly just for money Money money you know and chasing after The money then then guess what money is Not going to come around much because You're going after money you're not Going after your passions that's a

Completely different thing And that's what I said if you go after Your passions and what you're here You're called here to do Don't even you don't even think about The money the money just freaking flies In your bank account it's like oh Okay That's nice that was easy But what makes it hard and it's funny I Don't know what it is but sometimes some Of these gurus don't even tell you I'm Talking The Law of Attraction gurus they Don't tell you they just say just Imagine money just focus on it that You're gonna have ten thousand dollars In your house just just feel it no That's That's that's backwards I'm Sorry that teaching is completely Backwards it's not about the money it's About the passion and the ambition and Your vision and belief in yourself once You're able to do that the money just Flows that's all it is It's easier than we think but they make It so freaking hard in this whole Law of Attraction Guru believe me make it So difficult for you it's like all you Need to know is what are you here to do And what are you freaking good at doing That's all you need that's all you need To know it could be it could be a job Not you know I'm not trying to make fun

Of people with jobs and I say just over Broke but there's jobs that are really Good jobs for people that if you love Your job then that's that's a different Story you know love your profession That's a different story But people that settle for jobs that are Not what they like because they have to Make that money or take that money to Live you're not living You're not truly living you're not truly Living your life at all So You know that that's just settling for Less and settling for whatever whatever I can do is because you don't believe in Yourself And that is the truth it's it's I say go Get a book on self-esteem Um self-confidence go to a Hypnotherapist that can help you with Your self-esteem self-confidence And you'll be shocked You'll be shocked And you'll be shocked at what you might Find So That's what I'm talking about it it and So I you know again I'm going to read This again because it's like a mantra For those of you that just came in a Little bit later And um I will read it again

Broke is not a dollar amount It's your lack of ambition and vision It's not a being broke has nothing to do With the dollar It's not a dollar amount it is just your Lack of who you what you're here to do If you don't believe in yourself you're Not going to make money you're going to Go for welfare You know Unless I understand if you're really Sick and you're really injured or Whatever then you got to do what you got To do you know and then be grateful that There's welfare and and people there to Help you and whatever to get you by but If you're in your full power and glory With the why are you why do you keep Stopping yourself And the reason why I'm talking about Money is because it's all about money When it comes to secure creditor work Being a creditor it's all about money Whether you like it or not So you gotta ask yourself that question You know And I get people if I'm a creditor can I Just pull free money out of my hat and Pull free money and I'm like why the Hell would you didn't come here for that If life was that easy then What the hell are you doing here It wasn't easy when there wasn't money When money wasn't around it wasn't

Freaking easy at all we had to go hunt For our food we had to go freaking go Fishing and hunting I mean people are still doing that right Now So many were supposed to make things a Lot easier so people can you know are Barter in trading Whatever money is supposed to be easier Make things a lot easier Only for those that believe in Themselves It's all about belief Just like if you're gonna hunt for Something it's believe in yourself that You can fish and you can catch a lot of Fish It's all about belief belief if you Believe in the media you're going to get More of that too if you believe in in The whole Pandemic thing going on oh my God it's It's gonna the more that you keep Looking at it the focus you're gonna get More of that too And in the books the the science of Getting rich very interesting book It changed my life that book by Wallace D wattles you can get it on an audiobook Called the science of getting rich I Highly recommend all of you get this Book It says the if your mind is focused on War

If you focus on lore your mind becomes War If you focus on wealth your mind becomes Wealth if you focus on health your mind Becomes health It is all about your focus and your Belief it is that simple It has nothing to do with nothing that's How powerful you are as a creator As the creator of all things you can Create your own War you you create Demons you create Angels you are God You create everything So the more you keep focusing On things that you don't want you're Going to get exactly that and that's the Scary thing about our minds okay and I'm Here to tell you my husband and I never Once got covered once Everybody else around us got covered And I'm shocked we never got it we yes We had a flu we had your normal flu Um but we never caught the ship not once Everybody around us my brother my dad my Freaking you know my my lawyer Girlfriend and her everybody caught it We never caught it once because we Didn't believe in it we actually because We were we were we weren't sure what the Hell was going on so we say you know What this is all we don't Believe and I'm not here to say it was But To have that in the mindset to not

Believe it we didn't catch it That's what I'm talking about you have To it's something within the mind that You have That you can turn it around and look at It and say you know I don't believe in That it's not going to happen And really really own it too and you're Gonna see that whatever you thought was Going to come to pass in this fear in The media Will not come to pass so even though Like you know they talk about all these Chips oh all this stuff's gonna come and Happen to me and oh my God you know what Stop immediately the first thing I would Do is don't even look at it don't even Watch it Just so you know what whatever not in my World it won't happen It may happen in someone else's world But it's not going to happen in my world So if you have that mentality then you Don't fall into the fear This is all energetic talk that I'm Sharing with you and if you notice I'm Not talking about paperwork oh you need This paperwork for that and this Paperwork no you just need yourself you Need the power of you You are the freaking power guys you Really are you really are And it took me to change my mindset to Say you know what I'm leaving the states

Because I need to change a perspective Here I need to shift my mind and live a Different life because I've always Wanted to live in Mexico since I was 10 And my dad always took us to Mexico he's Mexican always took us to Mexico I fell In love with part of Vallarta I didn't Ever want to go back to the States cried My freaking eyes out And I finally made my dream come true to Live in Mexico and have my kids live Here in Mexico I'm in love with Mexico It's a beautiful country And I finally decided you know what I'm Sick of what's going on in the States This is too much War crap going on and I Just wanna I just want to see another Perspective And we've never encountered War here We've never encountered you know we Hear about it on the news all the time But we've never seen it we've never seen Much War here okay and it's all like I Said if you put your mind if you wake up In the morning you're drinking your Coffee and you got the freaking news on Get prepared your life's going to be Hell get ready put your armor on guys Take the you know don't watch the media Watch some happy stuff in the morning You know like traveling have some Beautiful jazz or beautiful music Playing in the background have your Coffee have your tea whatever

And feel good you know okay I'm ready to Go somewhere You know I'm ready to do something else And um you are you are invincible really I mean there's a lot of going on we Know this and it will always happen it Will always happen that's the illusion And we are here as Jesus was Jesus was An alchemist he transmuted everything he Transmuted water into wine We are here to transmute debt into Credit And we're here to create From our passions It's a lot easier than we believe it to Be but of course when you watch the Media it makes life hell doesn't it Makes it like oh my God I just want to Shoot myself and just leave this planet You know hell but it's all the madness That they create and it's called the ego So we just kind of let that ego do its Thing That's what Jesus was trying to teach us He was trying to teach Alchemy he was an Alchemist Master Alchemist he knew Exactly what to do And he was very non-adverse he was not Against anything he just went he would Just transmute everything into love That's what he did So that's who we are we are him we are One remember that So I hope you enjoyed this morning

Um live show I hope you really enjoyed This and I will upload it onto the Podcast you'll find it you know if you Ever want to find my podcast just go to And click on how to become a secure Creditor if you click on that it will Take you to the podcast I'm going to Actually put another page up there Separate so it'll say podcast you could Just go there Um and uh that's the place to go you Don't have to go to podbean or any of That just go straight to the website and And it will pop up that I'm live okay so Much love and light guys know who you Are Know that And I'll say it again Brooke is not a Dollar amount It's your lack of ambition and vision And when you change that around guess What wealth will come into your life When you believe in yourself and your Vision and who you are who you were born To be Wealth will come to you wealth cannot it Cannot not happen you know wealth has to Come to you it is law because you Believe in yourself not because you're Just imagining that you are wealthy It's because you actually believe in Who You Are Okay

Take uh much love and light guys Have a good morning

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