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Show you how to become a secure cutter Ambassador and protect your assets using A foreign irrevocable trust and we also Call the Silver Bullet Trust So what are the benefits of being a Secure creditor for an agent Ambassador Diplomat because we teach you how to Become a foreign agent just like the Authorities that are controlling the Population you have the power to do this This goes beyond secure credit or work Folks so being a secure creditor can Have a number of benefits we take it a Step further we go beyond just being a Secure creditor you become a foreign Agent just like the authorities Governments who have control over the Population but not everyone qualifies And secure creditors are known and we do Not utilize the terminology secured Party creditor if you think I'm smoking Crack why don't you start doing your own Research go to the ucc's it's a secure Party the secured party or The Detour Nowhere will you ever find any documents That utilize the verbiage secured party Creditor whoever wrote that whoever put That out there is was ex completely Misinformed that's a that's not exactly What you would call yourself okay we Don't like to just say secure credit we Say ambassador to be more appropriate Because that's what you are you become a Diplomat of of your own nation that you

Create because you're a foreign agent And a foreign agent can create their own Foreign corporations just like the Virginia Company that was ruled by the Crown you're able to control and create Your own foreign corporation okay Imagine you have all that power So we take it a step further than just Secured creditor work So yes for secured creditors you have to Be you know your U.S citizen and have a Birth certificate certificate of Citizenship or naturalization Um and those who had voided and canceled The contracts claim the U.S citizen Resident and replace them with an American indigenous status who also has Taken control of their government Franchise name that is being monetized Off of the government without full Transparency with this power and Knowledge one can operate freely to Discharge certain serious debt such as Court actions lawsuits bogus credit Claims and at will of course and by Discovering the fraud and scam that the United States of America is truly a For-profit corporation with one Intention in mind which is to control Their citizens as chattel or agriculture We show you how to properly take back The government franchise name from your Birth certificate that is being Monetized by the elite without your

Permission or knowledge of what's going On you are able to take this power back As a diplomat and ambassador or foreign Agent like they like they are okay And we help you to set up your foreign Trust and set up which pulls you out of Their jurisdiction as a slave and into Being a foreign agent by doing this You'll be able to protect your assets Your money bank accounts from seizure And to learn to transmit transmute your Social security number into an estate Number Where you are free to operate in Commerce as a diplomat For an agent not a Slave Your trust will be tax exempt entirely And you have the power to discharge Serious debt lawsuits credit claims Etc And like me I was able to discharge Child support successfully after Learning this knowledge and even have my U.S passport renewed twice Go to the video section of this website And find the video where I prove I have My passport and I can freely travel the World and like many of these other gurus Who cannot but the most important thing Is we teach you to properly become an Ambassador secure creditor not a secure Party creditor there's no such thing Instead of you relying on the government And their trust that they created they Have created trust in your birth name

Okay and a lot of people are they rely a Lot of these other secure creditors or Sovereigns they rely on oh I need to tap Into my own trust that's created by the Government you know through the TDA Account or suskv trust account and all Of that we don't we don't teach you to Rely on the government for that okay we Teach you how to create your own foreign Trust Where you can protect yourself or you Can discharge debt certain and you're Able to utilize the credit line from That trust by you know connecting with One of my my guys who can help you with That you create your own thing you're Not there to kiss anyone's ass or kiss The government's ass Foreign