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Hi everyone this is drewanna Dr Durana Johnston how are you Today I’m going to be covering the Upcoming Workshop in November on November November 11th to the 14th 10 A.m to 4 30 Central Standard Time which Is so different from the other workshops We’ve done everything has been in the Evenings so it’ll be over the weekend Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday okay It’s going to be the ambassador silver And ultimate Ambassador and Silver Bullet trust program So what we’re going to be covering is a Secure creditor package done for you all The packages will be done for you by Database programmer okay Um it includes the UCC filing In Maryland We prefer Maryland over any other state Maryland is the highest state that you Can do your UCC filing if you’ve noticed If you’ve gone to the UC the Maryland UCC finance a statement website you Would see that if you click on the drop Down menu all it’s all a bunch of Countries not other states it’s International it is the international Portal for Filing a lien registration okay So you will have to file it yourself of Course but we show you how to do it And the security agreement which is Known as the Osa or omniversal security

Agreement which is included the power of Attorney general you are the power of Attorney general not the Power of Attorney General of your state you Basically let them know that you are The Power of Attorney General of your own Affairs okay as a secured creditor And other docs that you will be sending To Puerto Rico Now this is only for secured creditors Not people that are like In between I don’t know if I want to be A secure creditor but I just want my Trust done no I only want to work with People that want to become secured Creditors because this is Art this is Our work this is our lifelong’s mission To make as many people private as Possible to put as many people on the Private side as possible because this is The most important step that you need to Take to overcome tyranny at all costs And you know this the serious stuff Going on and I want to tell you before I Move forward a lot of amazing things are Happening a lot of secure creditors over A million secure creditors in the United States I don’t know how much how many Are in the world but I’ll tell you they Are kicking ass and they are freaking Winning folks they’re standing their Ground and they are not allowing to be Trampled over by the plantation owners Including the mowers you got to look

Into that they are awesome Really kicking butt especially in North Carolina I was watching a thing about The on the news and a lot of the Moors Are kicking butt right now and of course The news calls them Sovereign citizens And we don’t ever call ourselves Sovereign citizens that is an oxymoron Sovereign citizen that Sovereign slave Hello we are secured creditors Okay so And in this program I’m going to also Show you how to transmit your social Security number if you’re an American Into an estate number and that estate Number okay that is the number that You’re going to be using In your in in many of your Affairs and I Will get into that in class as well but This number the social security number Is the slave number this is the number That they have their clutches over you Okay to control you to control your Children to control everything that you Ever own everything you’ve ever owned You thought you owned belongs to the State so when you’re you finally kill This number and transmute it into the Estate number you become the executor if You’re a man executrix if you’re a woman In control of the social security number I mean in control of the state number And the number that has already been Killed okay now you can still get Government

Um Uh benefits sorry you can still get Government benefits welfare food stamps Veteran benefits SSI all these benefits Those are yours you still have the Social but it’s no longer owned and Controlled by them you understand that And it and you move into the private Side this is going to get you out of Their system but in order to do that you Can’t just do that you have to become a Secured creditor first and before you do That you have to get your foreign trust Number The Fein number To control your social security number To control your EIN numbers if you have Any uh corporations llc’s other churches And so forth you’re able to control all These numbers as a secured creditor You’re going to be putting everything on The private side from the public slave Side okay And then we’re also going to be showing You how to get how to we’re also going To be doing the foreign Silver Bullet Trust That is needed to complete the process Okay you’re going to have to have a Trustee you can have successor trustees Beneficiaries and also you once you Become a secure creditor and you get the Foreign number okay tax exempt number You can become a beneficiary as well of

Your own Trust Um I haven’t really specified because I Was dealing with a bunch of other people That didn’t didn’t want to become secure Creditors they just wanted the trust Only so I had to make videos pertaining To them now if you if you’re not a Secure creditor you don’t want to be a Secure creditor you don’t you don’t want To be the beneficiary of your own Trust Um I mean you could do that with a Living trust but it’s a domestic trust And you will not get gain any protection Over your trust at all they will Immediately Um Pierce Lavelle they can easily Pierce The Veil and take you to court and turn All your beneficiaries into creditors And whatever debts you owe is you’re all Your your trust is going to be drained For domestic trust but we’re not going To talk about no domestic trust I don’t Believe in domestic trust I only believe In the private International foreign Trust because once you become a secure Creditor that is it you are foreign to Their corporation of the United States Corporation are completely foreign You’re also a foreign agent like they Are All your carts all your creditors all Your Bankers are foreign and they Operate on international law they do not

Operate operate in domestic law they do Not abide by the common law they only Abide by international law And they are operated and owned by the Crown and the Vatican which is all International they are foreign agents Operating in the United States of America and it’s been going on since 1871 when they Tran transferred the the United States of America into the USA Incorporated okay owned by the bankers The bankers are running the show the Bankers are running uh the who okay the World Health Organization it’s the Bankers it’s the Vatican and the crown That’s owning it that’s running the show That’s why things seem pretty effed up And it’s all about profit folks right Everything’s about profit and making all This money Even no matter how many people they hurt And injured it doesn’t matter it’s all About the money and the profits because It’s all around by the Banks the United States of America is not a country Anymore Mexico is not a country they’re all Corporations however that’s on the Public side there is a private side that You can exercise there is a private side That no one talks about that instead of Being claiming that you are an American Um citizen or U.S person or U.S citizen You are an American indigenous but you

Have to claim that you have to claim That you are an American indigenous Because that is the highest claim you Could ever ever have And it’s for those that were born on the Land they they lived and they were born On the land you are an American Indigenous and that is your god-given Right okay So It’s very very powerful and with this Foreign trust and being a secure Creditor you’re able to control all Personal and business accounts okay so In the other videos I did mention about A trust checking account and all that Yeah you can have that but really the Whole point okay let me get to the point Here When you become a secured creditor and You transmute the social and you have The trust uh take control of everything You are the executive tricks you’re you Are like the walking trust yourself you Are the owner of the trust you are the Controller of the trust So you you are the beneficiary you’re The TR you are this um not the trustee I Mean you could be it all depends but it Depends on the situation that you’re in Okay you know some people have like say Child support they got lawsuits they got A lot of crazy stuff after them and it Does take time to get the the foreign

Trust tax exempt number from the IRS it Could take six to eight weeks so you Have to wait for that number To come and then um after that then you Have to control it control the Corporation your social security number With the with an 8832 form letting them Know that you’re not a 14th Amendment Citizen it’s a very very powerful Process that we use to put the IRS on Notice we we fill out their forms we let Them know we put a seal on it letting Them know hey we are in control of this Vessel this document this 8032 form and We’re letting you know we have you we Are not 14th Amendment citizens we are Secured creditors and we operate on the Private side we let them know right off The bat especially when we first open a Corporation and LLC it doesn’t really Matter okay and just the fact that you Have transmitted your social you’re Already private it doesn’t matter if you Open up a personal account checking Account a business checking account it Will reflect anyway it’s that number That needs to be transmuted and many Secure creditors out there they have They may have done the UCC they’ve done The UCC filings you know maybe sent it To Puerto Rico or DC or where whatever But they forgot this one piece which is So freaking important which along with The trust this is what’s going to pull

You completely out of their their Jurisdiction as a slave okay you are a Secure creditor operating on the private Side and therefore you are diplom you Are a diplomat that’s what I’ve been Trying to tell you no it has nothing to Do with having a passport that says Diplomat on it you don’t want to be Their Diplomat the Diplomat of the Corporation that’s an oxymoron you want To be the Diplomat on the private side Because you’re exercising the private Side and it’s still alive today folks It’s still alive it is not dead and I’ll Tell you A lot of these platforms are Censoring people talking about this work Being a secured creditor and sovereignty They want to censor it because they Don’t want people to know because these Platforms are owned by the bankers and The Vatican of course they’re going to Censor it right that’s why we choose to Go on Rumble now because Rumble doesn’t Censor this work and we’re going to be Speaking loud and clear to the world Until we get at least half of the world On the private side and you can be you Could be from any country it doesn’t Matter and you can have a trust set up For you to protect your finances your Money your assets your family yourself From the crop that’s happening right now I don’t even have to go into it you know What’s going on communism folks you

Don’t want that to happen to you or your Family this is what’s going on right now Okay so I wanted to let you know so Tomorrow is the deadline on the for November 1st To enroll in our our November Ambassador Silver Bullet trust program now we will Extend the deadline Till the 7th the seventh and no later Because our data programmer has to do Your packages and you need to have your Packages done before the program begins And I prefer to do it in the daytime I Love the morning I love the daytime and We have a lot more time together and I Can go over every document every fresh Document fresh I’m not going to say go To a video no I’m going to do everything Fresh for you so we go over everything Point for point and I’m able to answer All of your questions this is very Powerful work this is my mission folks And I’m very very happy to share this With you so much love and light and I Hope to see you in our next workshop Online and it’s only online take care Bye-bye and go to go Down below the link bye

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