Banks stoled Money 💰 in BERUIT Lebenon!!!

Get your foreign trust right now

You guys get prepared and Beirut is Without money it is down to zero their Currency is worth nothing because there Was a test involved over there a little A few months ago they were using the Cbdc coins the digital coins right that Is going to control the whole world that They're trying to control the whole World well they're they're using the Cbdc coins over there in Beirut and Lebanon so what they did now they got Rid of all their money Their currencies at zero it is not worth Anything So they're going to be in they're going To be forced to use the cbdc okay if you Think it's just happening in Beirut and Lebanon and not your country we'll think Again get prepared guys I'm telling you You know hurry up and move your money to Bitcoin or really good crypto And a foreign trust because your money Is going to go okay I'm telling you guys Right now

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