Americans are not Us Citizen!


Americans listen up you are not a U.S Citizen a federal employee of the state Or U.S Inc you are an American National Or an American indigenous each time you Mark that you are a U.S citizen on any Application you are asking the federal Government to tax you and allow them to Claim ownership over you your children Your property and all assets only Federal employees of the USA Inc are Taxed you are claiming you are a 14th Amendment citizen who gave up their Rights as a real American everything you Think you own is not yours it belongs to The state because of your birth Certificate bond which is a corporate Contract State creative government Franchise name in all caps which is a Corporation it looks exactly like your Name but it isn't this is how they trick You into going to court and paying debt That does not belong to you this is why They own you your children your property And assets did you know every debt Against the all caps name could be Eliminated such as liens Levy judgments Child support taxes debt issues by Becoming a secure creditor and having a Foreign trust the elite crate foreign Trust to protect their assets says Rockefeller stated own nothing control Everything once you control your private Foreign trust your assets are protected Such as companies property churches your

Family your bank accounts against any Seizures debt against the all-caps name Want to learn more go to [Music] Okay

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