$4k in Taxes dropped Testimonial!


My student Got the IRS to drop $4k in taxes by telling them he is tax exempt and used his foreign trust. This is a powerful show your going to learn how he did it!

Hey everyone this is Girona it's live we Are live right now and eliminating Minds Radio For the meeting so I'm going to go ahead And wait Until some of you come on But um wow while I'm waiting I'll just Go ahead and start talking a bit Really interesting Um hi DMR hello my dear good to see you Oh so nice to hear your voice how are You feeling I miss you miss you a lot I Miss you too I'm super good I'm super Good I'm recovering fast That's good to know my gosh that was not A good uh accident you went through that Was horrendous But I'm fine yeah I'm surprised you I'm Surprised I'm like wow you are Superman Thank you very much You're welcome you're welcome Yeah I'm just waiting for others to come In Um It's just basically today we're just Going to be covering over just talking About Um the benefits of being a secure Creditor which you already know so this Is pretty much for the newbies but Tomorrow night it's the meeting for for All of us you know that that's going to Be the private meeting Well I can be today a super example

Because I got a lot of victories oh my Gosh well please share Yeah can I do it now or yes go ahead We're live now so no problem well I would like to say to uh the fellows They they try to Um think if they Either your information work or not I'm Gonna say 100 Plus work Wow that's good right now Since the first time and I just Mentioned the you know the at the Courthouse for recording all my document Or teacher all my documents are recorded At the court all of them Wow they say as soon as I mentioned hey I would like to become a security this Is my contract that's why I'm here they Respect that And they recall all my document I don't Have any issue to record any type of Document there and my first packet is Done is I check it today in my app Uh it's already in Puerto Rico for pick It up for tomorrow everything is good Wow I got my 98 yes Congratulations thank you very much and I got my 92. nice Tax extension you see why the you know By the accident they have to pay me my You know the the policy for the truck Um I let know the you know the adjuster uh

Uh they say okay uh we are ready to pay The you know the money for for your Policy uh that would be for uh 428 in Taxes in 2 500 for deductible All right okay Um I'm sorry I'm apologize but I forgot To let you know I'm a tax extension Person and uh this is my number That's what's today right right today in The morning there was writing off [Music] Next day [Music] Next day Next day and I was 4 125 dollar I saved in my pocket just in Texas Oh my gosh so so basically okay so you Owe taxes yes and to the IRS Yeah because you know they have to Um when they uh liquidated policy they Have to deducted the drug the taxes you Know right everybody let them know hey Man I don't pay taxes anymore I'm not Done I'm saying plate Wow and you told and so you discharged The debt or you just wrote it out you Just gave them the the numbers you're 98 And all that you yeah I just gave them They they uh take care of the rest [Laughter] Congratulations oh my God and and you Did this like over a mill or over phone Or email just an email email oh see

Congratulations oh my God either people They are here today this room They are thinking twice this and that They losing money they yes the freedom They losing everything because that Works 100 test it oh my gosh that is Such great news and just let you know uh DMR is a student of mine he just signed Up in December he got his packages all Set up he transmitted his social Security number And he also got his foreign trust number As well and when and he had to discharge The IRS tax which was over four thousand Dollars and through email he said here's My number I'm a secure creditor on tax Exempt here you have it And today they wrote and today this is Yesterday and today they wrote it off That's it just one day waiting Oh my God that's an amazing teacher Thank you very much for you're welcome Share this information yes super extreme Valuable Yes thank you so much Yeah I know that's ridiculous Yes people I I talked to most of my Friend Um they they are desperate to doing that Hey man how you do that what should I do They didn't know they they they are Super like interesting you know what I Mean yeah unfortunately when I talk all This kind of stuff so some of the day

They are not ready yet no a lot of People they do tend to have a chip on Their shoulder but that that's how they Know to handle things and I totally Again I understand that Because of the fear so when you're Afraid and you don't have the knowledge Then of course you're going to react in A negative way you're like you I know what I mean but once You have the knowledge and that is a Missing piece that is a missing key that A lot of the secure creditors are Missing is that part just is Transmitting that social security number Putting it into an estate because now You are in control of that estate and They see you now as oh my God you are The owner or executor of the estate now When they run your social And then when you give them the 98 then They're like oh you not a problem buddy You know that's why we're all about I'll Scratch your back if you scratched mine So now you've got the full backup of the IRS and the IRS loves you Varys is there for you [Music] And now because everything change a Little bit I don't know if you're for The trick or I don't know for you for uh Uh you know I know a stefu or they say Okay we're gonna make it a little harder For everybody right now right you know

What they doing I got my you know Everything by the tea like you say I Will follow you but the thing is Changing Right now between me and John we wake up Super early John they have the the 982 We becoming a super good partner Together good I know he was telling me About it you guys are really working Together that's great and then oh we Call he called first and then you know I Was helping with the with the facts all This kind of stuff uh we sended the ss4 With no problem we got a little issue Okay okay drop the call and then we fix It you know and on their behalf and we Call it again until we got a perfect ss4 But you know what happened when he got The 98 let me tell you okay You got an idea number right now you Have to wait for two weeks uh for the Courtesy letter uh I will be sending to Your address that would be to your Foreign address But you have to return in two days the 10 41. Okay Interesting and I say uh Do you know you have to uh to return Something in two days no no this is your Letter he was like exciting you know There's something interesting here Okay when I called uh I got my 98 and The lady they said she said the same hey

You have to return this document two Days I said wait wait wait a minute oh Man I got some question for you Uh what I have to return it's not only I Got the my my letter on that season no No you have to fill it out the 1041 and Send it back in two days I've never heard of that ever and when I Received my 98 letter Um my husband and I especially we never Had on our letter that it was a 10 41 on Our letter at all So I am warning you right now yeah I got More and I and uh because I asked a lot Of questions you know what I mean and She say uh yes I have to return it in uh In two days and they said well but give Me a second this is a foreign this is a Grand foreign trust right Um should I have to fill it out at 10 41 And say yeah okay you have to fill it Out every year but if you fill it out And you send it back and you put like For example zero we decide then if you Are connecting to us or not okay I got An answer for that that's where the 88 32 comes in That's why you have to do the 8832 right Away immediately as I mentioned because What you're going to do with the 8832 You're you're letting them know you're Not a 14th Amendment Citizen and you are Controlling all your social your EIN Numbers everything

With a 98. So once you do that then it's completely Annihilated because now you sent them You sent them a letter with the 88 30 That the 8832 form letting them know Your own status with your stamp the Stamp that I mentioned and that is the Emboss stamp where you know what I Mentioned you know on the top of it it Puts your name as your name and estate And then the bottom is the 98 that is Why it's so freaking crucial and a lot Of people this is what they're missing Out after they transmute the social and Then they they assume okay it's finished Done no no problem no you have to get That uh emboss stamp you have to take Control of that 8832 form which is their Vessel and when you put your seal on it Then you've dominated it then you've Controlled it then you let them know Who's boss basically So that's the next step immediately like She says oh in the next few days you go To file no you don't in the next two Days you send that 88.32 or like as soon As tomorrow Send that sucker out registered mail Return receipt and then once they Receive it Um you're gonna send each You're going to send a few 8832 farms in Each separate Mill And the the one is going to be the 8832

For the social The second is the 8832 for the 98. The other one is going to be the 8832 For the estate number and so what you're Going to do is you're going to send them Each separately registered mail return Receipt straight to the IRS and the 8832 Forms have the address that you're going To need to send it so that's when you Take control and that's when they shut The hell up So there you go that's why we always you Have to add that and then when you do You won't hear nothing from them you'll Just get your green card receipt back And then the rest is history Excellent that sounds super good But um congratulations on annihilating That four thousand dollars in taxes Oh my God I bet you felt like a a Million dollars Yeah I'm super surprised you know what He's amazing this year amazing you feel The power you feel the energy you are Doing those documents yes I can't sleep That's how it is in the beginning I know So I was wondering when you sent this Ss4 did you add your estate number the 92 on the um ss4 no okay no that's good That's fine I would start off like that First And and if they were to reject it then You would add the estate number but but

They gave you the 98 that's brilliant Yeah yeah and we have a perfect ss4 for Example you know what I mean somebody or You know the news or the students they Jump on the new uh because this is Updated you know yes we can share with No problem Definitely and used your uh your foreign Address You made sure okay there you go again You have the accent for it so what the Hell you both have the accents [Laughter] From England we got it from England oh Good for you Good for you well you did it and you Don't have to do any of that you just Give them that 88 32 and you just take Control of everything you're set And the fact that they had that 98 I Told you and that's the thing a lot of People they uh they're like oh no I'm Just gonna I'm just gonna discharge the Debt with my social security number Because it's connected to my birth Certificate no that's not the way to do It Um I mean that's not the way that I've Done it and that's not the way I was Able to get rid of child support and at The time child support was only like ten Thousand dollars for me and I got rid of It immediately not a problem it's when They when they have that number that 98

That takes you out of their jurisdiction Completely Advice everybody here in this room if You want to do it and get success Followed by the tea with the teacher say Yeah I'm testing him everything I'm Putting in place and I guess a lot of Victory until now with no problem at all Wow That's good news and it is a wonderful Feeling because the thing is you Understand the story you understand Exactly what you're doing You're not just like okay I'm gonna do This and do that and just see what Happens and but I don't understand what The hell's going on You know that's stupid you have to know What you're doing and then when you Understand you're like I understand what I'm doing This is right what I'm doing You know because you're invoking the First U.S Constitution you're not Invoking the fake secret Constitution That Karen hudis was talking about And in the in the process for the Documentation uh John he got a problem Because he you know he's from California Yeah he's a common freaking comedy Communist what happened he he couldn't Oh Record any yeah and he told my head you More can you help me man to to record in

Where you live right now and say hey we Are here for you to help each other man Yeah and you're you're in Texas right Yes Texas San Antonio that's awesome to Me and I and I went there but before I Asked in the courthouse and asking hey Uh if I want to bring a document from You know for my friend or family can I Record it here I say well what do you Want to how do you want to pay uh with Their car or with your money I said no No I pay with my money yeah yeah you Don't have any issue Paperwork boom that's it okay and I got Super good relationship with the with The people at the office don't respect Me a lot of yourself friendship yeah oh That's beautiful how are you doing I Said man I'm fine here like a diploma Man with no issue right and and I was Going to say DMR if you don't mind Telling the audience I mean what was Your what's your background you know You're coming from Cuba so you Understand how how bad it was over there Yep that's true That's true a real communist country so You know you're not you're not like this Is not new to you yeah what you're Seeing in America And when you ask when you live in like 27 years you know under uh a lot of Operation for the government you can do Nothing you got no move

It's a hell now when you got a freedom In your hand and somebody like like you Teacher you know teaching how you be Free really you know for me it's extreme Valuable because I've been suppressed For a long time yeah young guy you know And right now is it's time to take power Back with no question yes Exactly and that's the reason why we do What we do I mean every American every American should be on the private side So they can Invoke the first U.S Constitution but You cannot you cannot do that right now As a debtor If you're a debtor you're saying I'm a U.S citizen come and poke me come and Jab me come and do whatever the hell you Want with me and that's what they did They they um They tricked everybody into believing That the US Constitution was still valid And it it isn't but it's only valid for The secure creditors and those that Operate on the private side that are on The private And that's why you're getting a lot of The respect from the IRS and the IRS are Big chingon you know what I mean Cartel like 13 gong but if you have them On your side you're dead you're freaking Set and that's what I'm trying to say You don't have to fight against And that was the problem with a lot of

These other teachers they're fighting Against like Winston strong we're going To fight against the federal court we're Going to fight again well if you fight Against guess what they're going to have You as a hamburger and I heard Just recently that Winston trout just Passed away in prison So and I was taught by my teacher from Canada who saw all the going on Back then and he knew he said don't you Ever follow in those footsteps creditors And commerce and ones to Trout those People they're too adverse and they will Have your ass okay So that is really good news DMR that You're sharing with everybody I'm really Grateful and happy To hear that you were able to remove That All that money yeah money that you don't Have to pay and this is just the Beginning Yeah and you own your own business That's another thing you own your own Business and you were able to do this But you did it with so much confidence Hey by the way I have no problem paying but through my 98 there you go it's Limitless credit Have a go at it and then you don't deal With any more fighting nothing but a lot Of the people like oh no no use my birth Certificate Bond it doesn't work like

That Better when you do when you use the Foreign Trust To to handle it and they know that You're outside of their jurisdiction So now you're you're considered a Foreign agent just like they are now you Have that power You see what I mean Yeah that's super true That's awesome thank you so much tumor I Appreciate you for sharing your Testimony For me supplies should support you 100 Always Tisha thank you Person you are oh no uh woman and I Support that with my life Thank you so much DMR I appreciate you So much Thank you so hopefully that testimonial Kind of woke you guys up I didn't expect That at all by the way I didn't expect a Really awesome testimonial like that Um that that is amazing it's amazing It's a it's mind-blowing And that's exactly why I do the work I Do because when I was see I wasn't Dealing with taxes back then I was just Dealing with child support and I knew in My gut in my heart something was Freaking wrong here something was wrong And I'm not going to allow this crop Anymore Now something interesting I just want to

Mention it's a little off topic but it's Something to share with you guys I don't Know if you've watched it yet but my Husband and I would just got um we're Watching the episodes on Netflix of El Chapo okay it's a big deal here in Mexico because he's like the big really Big drug drug lord But you really start to learn about the Business and I I bring this up because The Federal Reserve news notes that You're holding in your hand okay now I Want you to think for a little minute How the hell why the hell is the United States so freaking powerful The UK is so powerful Canada is so Powerful Australia is so powerful to Tell you what to do and how to do it why And other people will say oh it's Because the birth certificate Bond no It's because of the drug trading they Use people like Chapo El Chapo and other People even Pablo escobarro you know he He passed away he was murdered and I Know the spook who murdered him by the Way I actually had an interview with him In uh nine years ago on Blog Talk Radio And Blog Talk decided to take it off And I don't know if I was able to save It but I'm actually I've contacted them Today to get that freaking file because It's very very important what he Mentioned He said the reason why Pablo Escobar was

Murdered wasn't because he's a drug lord And he's going to hurt everybody that is that is something they want you To believe It's because he was getting so powerful He was moving up the ranks in the with The politicians and it's because they Didn't want the United States didn't Want competition Now the Federal Reserve notes that you Hold in your hand Is a lot more than what you believe They're not just IOU notes to back up You know to with no treasury note or Gold or silver backing it up it's a lot More than that guys The reason why you live In a really good environment let's say You know a nice status you know compared To what DMR has had to go through in Cuba okay you know luxury status to many People in other countries the way you Live even if it's a one-bedroom Apartment but you live in really nice Luxury people in the United States Canada all these rich countries The reason why you live the way you do Is because of the drug lords it's the Drug lords and the United States is the Biggest consumer in the freaking world Next to China next to uh you know um United Kingdom That is why you live the way you do It's because of drugs guys

So the funny thing is is they it's funny Darren and I we started watching the the Episodes like two three nights ago right We really got into it it's really good And I highly suggest get on Netflix Watch El Chapo every single one of you So you could be educated and you can Understand how business is truly Run Okay Um What I learned I mean I heard about it But I really wanted to kind of see it The government is in on it they are part Of the whole drug thing the DEA the CIA they are the ones that Orchestrate what drug lord covers which Territory of Mexico I kid you not To run the drug business to fund Mexico To fund the United States and everybody Okay But if one drug lord gets out of line And he gets too freaking powerful and he Gets a little cocky then right away the DEA says you know what he's getting a Little too cocky let's let's bring his Ass down let's take him out he's not He's no good for us anymore But you need to understand the drug Lords are the ones that are working for The United States and they are working For these rich comp countries and Companies And

That is what's going on and the funny Thing is since we watched sort of Watching the episodes we're hearing all Hell breaking out Loose right now in Mexico on the west side of Mexico we're Not on that side we're on we're on the Yucatan And it's because they've captured the The son of El Chapo okay But you've got to understand how Businesses run seriously It's all drug money and Karen hudis she Was the one that put it out there to the World before she got taken out and she Got taken out they say oh she just Passed away and died at 73.74 She that woman was was moving forward Very strong she didn't I don't know if She had health problems or not but you Know that woman was not she was Unstoppable and she was she was a Whistleblower for the World Bank To tell the world how the World Bank are Doing their she says the reason why The world bank is so powerful it's all Based on drug money that's why they Assassinated uh Lincoln they Assassinated him because Lincoln wanted To give away the gold back dollars that Were can so you could the American People can go directly to their Treasury With gold back money but no the FED had To get involved kill him in the Jesuits Made him you know murdered him so they

Say no we're going to use this type of Money so we can fund the country through Drug trading okay that is the Truth this is why I want to put the show Out there I had no idea about DMR having The success I'm ecstatic about That that's like an extra bonus thank You that's an extra bonus but where I Wanted to go with this I wanted you to Understand this So it helps you to have more of a clear Consciousness when you watch the shows You kind of have more of a clear Conscious like you know what this is how Businesses run these these people are Corrupt of course they're all corrupt So a lot of you might feel oh if I do This I don't want to get in trouble or I Don't want to you know I don't want to Hurt my credit or hurt my you're not Going to hurt your credit if anything is Going to better your credit it's going To better your credit score it's going To better everything in your freaking Life because now you're going to be part Of the big dogs because now you can Discharge debt you could securitize the Debt as well securitization is basically Transmuting your debt into cash or Credit sorry Credit in your TDA account Okay that's what you're doing to pay off Debt and you have a trustee in the Security exchange that works on your Behalf to help you out but you have to

Do everything properly you cannot just Jump the gun as so many have done and I've talked to people who are like oh I'm not a secure creditor but you know I Have a treasury direct account and I've Tried to securitize and all that but yet They don't have the freaking number they Don't have the the foreign trust number They don't have their foreign trust set Up and they wonder why they're not Success useful because they're jumping The gun and doing half fast that's Not how we do things here Okay so the thing is I'm going to let You know The you know the the biggest cartel in The world you know who the biggest Cartel in the world is it is not the Mexican cartels not the Colombian cartel If you believe that then I'm sorry you Have been very disillusioned the biggest Cartel in the world has a lot to do with The crown the Vatican and even some even Beyond that that we don't even know they Say this the seven families that or five Families that run the show They're the biggest cartel in the world And they create a lot of the operations All over the world they're the ones that Get to have put things on the media for People to believe To make them look good and you're gonna See this with the El Chapo episodes You're gonna say okay we're gonna say

You know when the Cardinal died we're Gonna say that it was um somebody else And and it was them who did it it was The government and that did it that Killed him for for whatever reason But they want to make themselves look Good you see it is so crazy what I've Seen the episodes it's like wow I mean I Knew that they were hand in hand the Government and the in the cartel but I Didn't really wow to see how they Explain everything to a T it's like Jesus it is absolutely insane and you're Gonna know why the country if you're Living in a rich country you're going to Know why they're rich That's where the money comes from it's Drugs guys And again I'm not against drugs I'm not Against marijuana you know whatever Anybody wants to do let them do whatever They want to do sure But the reason why They are trying to they illegalize is Because they need to make money they Don't want you selling it because They're not they're going to lose Business do you understand that So so that is the key point and and uh You know people have asked me that oh my God you're in Mexico now look at the going on in the west Mexico you Know dude I'm like you know what it Happens all the time here but you know

What I'd rather it happen like that Rather than living in a freaking Communist country where the government Steps instills your children takes you Takes you and your whole family puts you In a freaking gestapo and Fries your ass In a or in a gas chamber like they did In in uh Nazi Germany okay no country in The world is going to be perfect but I'll tell you I stand against communism All the way and the only way that you're Going to prevent communism from coming Into your countries is you have to step Up you have to operate on the private Side and you have to put a stand and say Hey enough is enough we're here to Invoke the U.S Constitution the real one Because we as creditors have credit Limitless credit through our foreign Trust not just the S KV trust like Everyone talks about oh this skv you Know like quit relying on them you know You're relying on them you're relying on The government yes you can use this skv You can discharge that through this skv But when you have your own foreign trust It puts you in another bracket where it Raises your status to a diplomat status Like DMR says where they don't argue With you they're not like oh you're Going to use your birth certificate They're not going to get shipped from it Guys What's it going to get from is this

New this foreign trust because it gives Them beautiful credit any Banker knows That they know about the 98 when it's Done correctly And that's why I never had an issue and The IRS I'm going to tell you and even DMR and everyone in this room when the IRS The IRS cleared out the debt They stuck up for me and they lied to my Ex-husband saying they don't know where I lived Because I'll tell you I always Told them where I lived because I'm not I was not the type of person that said Here I live over there trying to run Away because if you run away And they send you uh statements and And you don't you don't answer back then It's it's my acquiescence my silence That agrees with that so I was very very Aware of that not to do that because I Always even though I didn't live in the States at the time I had an address in San Diego anytime that the child support Statement was there I would respond Immediately I didn't run I didn't throw It in the trash I responded why Because I have the knowledge on how to Handle them So they knew where I lived they knew Where my address was in other words And they told my ex-husband sorry we Can't find her but if he can find her

Let us know And it was after I completely discharged The debt using using my foreign trust Number and that was the his the rest That the rest was history and but you Know what I'm going to tell you right Now this happened in 2013 but I was Still living in fear I still wasn't sure What happened the statement stopped Coming and I still was living in Fair And it wasn't until three years later After that I was like you know I'm gonna Check my credit report and see because I Was still very new to to a lot of this Information and I checked and it was Completely paid in green In green not close it was paid in green And I showed everybody on my video about How I uh you know uh Whatever I gave child support what they Wanted I'm not gonna say I annihilated Them but I didn't I gave them what they Wanted And they protected me That's what you want you want them to Protect you it's a huge cartel I'm Telling you the government the United States is a humongous cartel you don't Want to go against them you want to be Hey let's work we're Partners let's Let's you know I got something you want You you know whatever that's how you got To work with them because they're a big Freaking Mafia and you cannot go against

And a lot of these other groups that's The problem a lot of American and National groups a lot of The Sovereign Groups they're constantly fighting Against and that's why many people end Up going to prison or they end up Disappearing and that's not how we do Things Just like what DMR did He did what they he gave them what he That they wanted That delicious number from his foreign Trust And they wrote it off not a problem Buddy you're you're set that's how you Want to that's the relationship you want With these other agents You see what I mean That's why I'm not on the run I have my Passports I got my American passwords Completely renewed twice you know I just Love Mexico I'm a Mexican citizen Because of my father and my husband's English and we just love Mexico but Anytime we want to go across it's not a Problem but the thing is we understand There is a big freaking War and the Thing in the United States it's not like Okay in Mexico you got a war going on But it's a war between the cartel okay The cartel and the government But when you're living in a country that Is the government is against their own Freaking people

That is very heavy that's a very heavy Situation that's more heavier than what You'll ever have here in Mexico as long As you're not part of the cartel you're Not part of that you just let them Do what they do they're not going to Bother you okay and you're not hanging Out in the neighborhoods there but over There in the United States everybody is A is considered a freaking is a victim Everybody Until you change your status and things Are going to change things are going to Shift a lot So that is that's pretty much why I Decided to have this call Um Uh hold on no you do not have to belong To no secret society the secret society Is like the Freemasonry skull and bones We are not part of no secret society at All we are not part we are not diplomats Of the United States Corporation We are dip simply diplomats American National not National I don't even like To use that word sorry correct me here American indigenous of the land because We were born on the land or we were Naturalized on the land I was born on The land okay we exercise those rights That is connected to the the first U.S Constitution and it's still alive and That proves to you what happened with DMR that proves to you that it's still

Alive The U.S Constitution is freaking alive But they want you to believe now quit You're just a constitutional conspiracy Theorist and all this it's because the The debtors have no freaking idea They CA that the constitution is not Going to work for them because they've Already They've already told the government that You are a U.S they are a U.S person Okay You just told the governor you're a U.S Person you're a U.S citizen So you know what you have to and and you Have to pay taxes and I will tell you That if you claim that you are a U.S Citizen or U.S person you have to pay Taxes whether you like it or not Because you just mentioned that you are So abide by those roles but when the Moment comes when you're on the private Side And you're ready to grow up like an Adult That's when you become a secure creditor And you're ready to have peace among all The nations And you don't have a chip on your Shoulder and the problem with Winston Shroud and I remember a letter that he Sent me years ago he said I you know What I'm going to go against the federal Uh court system

Because The federal courts that it's a Pedophilia federal court system and I Already knew in my heart I said you know What I said Winston You don't want to do that Don't be going against anybody you know Quit playing the Savior quit trying to Be like your Jesus Christ and being the Savior and shut no you know we are at Peace we are non-adverse non-belligerent Non-combatant parties and that's what I Stick to I don't ever want to fight Against a very powerful cartel it's like You fighting against El Chapo are you Going to do that no you have to be Peaceful you got to give them something That they want and then they will Scratch your back and so forth that's How we we deal with things no I don't Agree with what these agencies are doing I don't agree 100 but I believe that There should be a happy balance There should be a happy balance where You got your Cowboys and you have your Government you need both I'm not I'm not I used to being an Artist but I don't believe in an anarchy All the way because we do have to have Both Government we have to have some type of Structure because if gets out of Hand believe me we will go all the way Back to the Viking days okay

Seriously there has to be a balance and That's what's going on here in Mexico There is a balance the people here in Mexico are too powerful The government cannot control the people In in Mexico guys Like If you know the cops the people actually Honk at the cops to get out of the way I mean seriously but we were raised to Believe oh my God the cops oh they're Right behind me they're gonna you're Living in so much fear because you you Came into this reality into the Matrix In the United States or UK or Canada or Those you know rich countries believing This But when you come to Mexico it's a whole Other world and America was just Like Mexico at one time when we had our Cowboys we had our Indians we had Everybody and the sheriff had to step Aside when there was a draw between two People they had to step aside no Problems none of my business you guys go Do your draw at each other like you know Your little battle I'm gonna step aside We had that much respect back then But it's the people that allowed this The people that allowed this to Happen so you have to put a stop to this If you want America to be great again You have to you got to exercise your

True rights But only on the private side what you Were all therefore you're all there in The United States for that And we all forgot we all forgot for so Long that's what we have to educate Ourselves now You see Um Yes thank you so much to Ashley thank You I appreciate you So that's see we're a little different From a lot of these other groups Are very different and again you know I We teach a lot of awesome stuff yeah we Teach how to securitize we teach you how To discharge we teach you all that stuff But I but I don't think for one moment We should be relying on the government For things for money to pay for things You know only if let's say for example Like the tax situation and and DMR got Out of it hell yeah congratulations Um child support which is very unjust This is not part of the Constitution if Anything is unconstitutional if it's not Unconstitutional then hey you need to Pay your way for something You know I have businesses I don't I Believe in uh Fair exchange if it's not Money or gold and silver it's barter and Trade You know back and forth but there's a Lot of people that take advantage of

This type of work and they are not Qualified for this work They're only seeing like a pot of gold And that's it that's all they care about And they they're they're missing the Bigger picture You know we need people that are neutral That are here to be of service And that's what we're here to do and the Beautiful thing about being American Guys you have that power you really have That freaking power It's beautiful because a lot of other Countries like in Europe they're really They haven't really done their due Diligence like the American people have That's something to freaking say that's Something to be proud of You know you Americans us Americans okay Me too you know we're doing our due Diligence about how we can handle the Situation of getting out of bankruptcy And learning our history we're actually Have the people that are doing the Studying and the researching to make This a possibility Whereas other these other countries are So far freaking gone guys they really Believe in the media and the only way That they can fight against the the Government is is you know through Protesting and fight fight fight and Like a bunch of little kids But you as As Americans we have so much

Freedom if you know how to use It You have that gift all of you have that Gift You know Here in Mexico I mean you know people It's a little different it's still Cowboy and Indians over here we're 50 Years behind the United States But you know we're I'm I have a good Friend of mine she's like my sister She's a lawyer and I am always teaching Her about this information she's looking At the the treasury direct account in Mexico she's trying to find stuff about That I go go for it chica you know you Have that right everybody has that right So Anyway uh okay here's a question so how Would you address a mortgage using your Way or credit card well the best thing To do with mortgages is you securitize It wouldn't you want to get paid for That mortgage or you just want to Discharge it discharging doesn't really Work what truly works is securitizing it Do you know what securitization is It's changing the debt into credit But you don't do it through your bank Account you use your treasury direct Account with the help of a trustee From the security exchange commissions They're there to help you and they are You have to deal with the bank that is

In control of your house that is in Control of your mortgage we have we want To help give money to them we don't want To take from them because they need to Make money too because if you take from The cartel what are they going to do They're gonna they're gonna come after You right And that's a lot of money that mortgage And and trust me I know I understand oh They took it out of our birth Certificate they took it yeah I get it I Get it But come on let's not be all we can't Have a chip on our shoulders so we do The securitization where all parties Benefit The mortgage company the bankers benefit And your you benefit as well okay and You get double of that money back And not in your bank account in your Treasury direct account where it should Be It needs to be securitized that's the Whole point many people believe oh if I Can get it do a 1099 A and B so I can Get money back from the IRS so cut me a Check and put it in my checking account With Federal Reserve notes that is the Stupidest thing that's the stupidest way To go because they'll catch you on it Because that is their freaking blood Money That's why we securitize it because we

As an America As Americans have the Right to use the treasury direct account In the appropriate way to securitize all Debt And it will be paid to the mortgage uh To the banks and will be paid to you as Well That's what you want to do That's what you want to do so yes it is Extremely you can extr you could totally Do that Do you care on that again okay You sure can you are the star tonight Thank you thank you I really appreciate It I just love him I just love him he's So awesome Oh he's in he's a more too by the way And I got some type of mentality right Here that when I share with the with the Fellows uh I think it gonna work this Type of job when you jump in your mind Instantly change In the type of mind that you can be a Creator that you have inside you don't Have to fear no more you have to uh Protect from the corruption of the same System because at the end of the day if You stay in fear uh you're gonna pay for It you know because the carbs they're Gonna stop in you in any way you know And then gonna do blah blah blah to you And then they're gonna take it to you or Do any kind of unfair uh action against You are your family and then what you're

Gonna do You know I realize teacher I uh I got um Another protection uh over the OSHA that You that you sure it's an injunction Do you heard that about this uh document This super power document our security Agreement yes yeah I got a another Document uh I got it before you know Getting to the secure creditor the name Is injunction the cop they're using for Protection they sell when they feel a Lot of threat for the knowledge for the With the people they they some of them They use it none of them they know that And and I got this document and reviewed This document with some combining with The ocean including this document and Put it you know because this document Talking about is about the Constitution You know that's the kind of the state Where you are and I put you know the the Red uh fingerprint and I'm gonna put the Stamp with the you know do my truss or Black Diplomat Ambassador simultaneous 98 yeah and you know what happened Everybody gonna run run run run we're Going when you recorded this on the Court on uh and I I buy it to this Document either legal paper you know uh You know the long uh sheet there will be A legal paper And what happened and I put some like Abide in the ocean and the more a

Schedule fee the and the legal notice on Demanding schedule fee yeah coffee yeah They are including in this document Abide by Um backup by the Um But the Constitution yeah that would be A law when they stopping you because This document they gonna help you to be Uh on the do not stop list and do not Detained list yeah when you combine all The schedule feed that you have if they Trespass your right for any kind of you Know issue Uh in this document I'm gonna charge Them nine thousand dollar per minute per Agent involved in that only nine Trillion dollars you know they have to Be uh this document they go straight to The general attorney for your uh State They go to for the government and they Go for the sheriff of your where you Live in you know this super powerful too Because they know already the knowledge Document they are right they have a Schedule fee by law is already lawful And yeah it becomes law when you record It That's that's beautiful especially with The Moore's information that you were Sharing DMR that is that it only Enhances it even more together when They're combined and you actually Solve with your own eyes what is

Happening like whoa IRS backs up okay Not a problem brother Yeah Gotta be part of the Big Brothers club Right the big boys club that's how you Do it Calm down you know take your emotion in Control because you got the power right Now you don't have to oh no I don't do This I don't do that no no no no no no People are mad you know yes when you Show your power everybody gonna make pee In their pants yeah because you can take Them out of a job easy You can take them out of a job and That's why we we call our program the The program that I that I've been Offering the secure creditor and Silver Bullet trust ambassador program it is we Are ambassadors For the constitution for the real Constitution And that's why I believe we came here on This plane This Plane of existence to be Able to invoke that so we can teach Everyone and get them out of the uh what Do you call it the poppy seed Fields you Know back in the 1920s uh the illusion And that's all they need that's all they Need and you're not fighting because They like like okay El Chapo you know El Chapo I always keep bringing this up Because it's really funny you know in The episode hey you know what he tells

The military man hey you know what when You when you something can happen to you You don't get paid nothing and your Pension is let me offer you ten Thousand dollars a month how's that Sound and they're like oh yeah that Sounds like hey you know that's what You're doing with these guys and you're Not really bribing them you know that You have the freaking power you are the Freaking mob boss yourself You become like The Godfather isn't that Kind of cool You become The Godfather and you make Them an offer you they cannot refuse They can't they know their pension They know they don't make enough money So they're like hey you know what that Credit sounds delicious I'll take it not a problem you keep them Happy you keep them sweet and they're Happy with you and they protect you and Your family that's how I like it and I'll tell you the reason I had to go This far I mean I could have been like Okay sure ex-husband sure you know probe My ass not a problem take my kids sure Go ahead take child support for me you Know I mean it for a few months I paid Him 50 bucks a month just a little bit Just to shut them up until I perfected My status the moment I perfected my Status and then the lawyer at the time failed which I knew she would

That's when everything was the table was I had to be the Forefront I had it was It was my turn the tables had to turn Around because I had to step I had to Step up to the plate and say hey okay Guys you guys were all corrupted we all know this but you Know what I'm not here to fight against I'm here to give and you give me back my Freedom Simple So Tonight or this week this is your Homework Watch El Chapo the series on Netflix and Then you're gonna see what I'm talking About you're going to see how the DEA is A part of everything and that is exactly What's going on with the United States Right now okay it's all about the money It's all about the credit and that's Private number is going to give you that Freaking credit Because you're a secured creditor you Are secured It's not about the stupid birth Certificate bond that that's just an Insurance that's that that that's one Thing but you're giving them something Extra you just created currency when you Created your foreign trust you created a New type of currency a new credit line For them And they they'll back away and then when

You get pulled over by the cop when You're secure creditor you sign as a Beneficiary because you are the Beneficiary of the trust You're not only just a grand tour or a Trustee and if you have other trustees On board that's very smart to have but You're also a beneficiary of that trust You just created And they cannot argue with you They'll be happy like You're Gonna Keep Me in a job thank you very much Boss your bosses we're here to teach Bosses and train bosses not a bunch of guys You see That's how we roll I hope you guys like this show tonight So far I hope it lit a fire under your Tushies because I know it does for me You know Oh thank you so much Oh I appreciate you too thank you Just know just know whatever you read on The news that you guys are a bunch of Little slaves and your little babies you Don't know and you know the Government's more powerful it's Guys that's just they're just playing on Your fear because you just don't have The education some of you once you're Educated Everything Changes guys it's Beautiful and you know what I have a Mexican passport but I have American

Passport too and I prefer to travel with My American bells for it you know why Because I have more power as an American Diplomat You see American indigenous and the land Because I know how to take care of it And handle with my paperwork Because I speak English if I spoke Spanish maybe a little different too I'd Be able to take advantage of both but American passport for me is powerful When you are exercising your rights on The private side is the most powerful Freaking past part you could ever have And I'm proud of it I'm proud of being An American visionist Thank you so much guys I appreciate you All and um if you haven't watched the Presentation Um you just go to YouTube my my most Recent one Joanna Johnston uh my blog Actually just go to my blog everything Is on my blog now Securecreditor.com not secured creditor Secure creditor which is Presenttense.com you'll find my blog Post on the secure creditor presentation I go into explaining about being a Secure creditor what the power is and Tonight I I think I pretty much DMR and I have explained pretty much why you Should be a secure creditor you know get Over the fear get over the like Oh I don't I don't know if I should do

This and you know what if I I'm sorry But you're stupid not to you're all Stupid if you don't you're stupid if you Don't because then you're saying I'd Rather be a debtor and I'd rather go Into the freaking chamber It's entirely up to you guys how you Guys want to play it Because you're never going to win you're Never going to win you can pay off all The debt you think you can get your Credit all straightened up and you know What they're going to come for your Houses they're going to seize everything Guys Everything you think you own is not Yours and they've already mentioned it And they're getting ready to take your Cars too did you hear they're going to Condense to only a few people that can Have cars and and registered and and Deregistered and say Hey you cannot have A car anymore because of the the um what Is it uh something to do with the To be more green right to protect the Environment it's happening in Mexico City right now guys Protect your put it in a trust Be a diplomat exercise your rights as a Freaking ambassador And stand your ground and say hey uh-uh You ain't touching any of my And it all it requires to you to become A secure Christ the only freaking way

Guys not sovereign The Sovereign is the Worst they are the worst people and Those people end up in prison all the Time because they all have a chip on Their shoulder Okay And you don't want to to be that I mean Yes I am I am Sovereign I believe in Sovereignty but to be part of a Sovereign group you got to be very Careful be careful And you're going against the cartel you Know come on now You don't want to do that you want to be Friendly and peaceful because you want Their protection All right all right guys much love and Light thank you so much for being a part Of the show if you have any questions go To drewanna at secured creditor.org That's the past tense secured secured Creditor.org Um you if you want to sign up for the Class that's coming up on the 27th Through the 30th we have seven more Seats left You want to jump on it and then after That probably two to three more months We'll have another class but you know What jump on it as soon as possible it Takes time to get your 98 it can take Anywhere from six to eight weeks the Courtesy letter which is very needed you Can get it over the phone pretty fast

But you need that courtesy letter in Order to open up a trust checking Account with your trust documents just Letting you know so the sooner the Better the sooner the better guys take Care much love and light adios Muchachos Bye bye guys

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