10 things stealing your financial future!

We have all heard the saying – ”it’s not how much you make, it’s what you do with it that counts.” This could not be more true – it’s all about your behavior with money – not the amount you make. In this video – we check in with 10 things that are literally robbing us of a better financial future (and present). Start today – pick one thing that resonates with you from the list and commit to working on it. Building wealth is not as complicated or scary as you might think – just requires a bit of discipline, patience and consistency.
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Today i want to talk to you about 10 Things that are probably ruining your Financial future [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt And talking about all things related to Personal finance my name is kenny simon I am your personal finance coach And today i want to talk to you about 10 Things that Are robbing you of your financial future If you are human like me you have Definitely done At least one of these things on the list Today you can be in denial if you want To But i think most of us have done one or Two or maybe even all ten of these Things And by the way there are more things we Can actually add to the list i just Wanted to stop At 10. so this is sort of a stream of Consciousness sort of list that i made And i threw some slides together so we Can just sort of talk through them Slowly So you can sort of read and listen to What i’m saying and really absorb this Because these things Really are jeopardizing our financial

Future and I just want to um walk through these so You can take some time to process this And see if one of these resonates with You and start to change your behavior We can make all the excuses we want but We have had many opportunities to get Our financial life In order so let’s walk through these 10 Financial things that are robbing us of Our future and let’s Change our behavior so that we can live A nice prosperous life As we get older please subscribe to the Channel Like the video share it with some Friends and drop a comment Let’s get started so let’s get started With item number one And this is sort of an overall Philosophy in how people approach Money but you have an immature money Mentality And no financial discipline so you know If this is you you Usually won’t get serious about needs Versus wants And you make excuses to buy things that Really aren’t needs You absolutely must throw a big birthday Bash or go on that trip because It’s your birthday even though you are Broke you still want to do it And your eight-year-old just has to have

The latest iphone Because that’s how you get in touch with Her right so That’s item number one immature money Mentality number two No budget or financial goals when you When this is you basically money comes In and money goes out you don’t have a Spending plan You don’t set any real goals other than Something you may want to buy Right like you know when you get paid You’re going to go buy xyz thing so no Budget or financial goals Is that number two item number three Spending more than you earn These are people usually who don’t have A budget so related to item number two So you know you just spend money because You feel like spending money you don’t Really track how much you make That closely you have a general idea Sometimes but You just spend because you want to spend So you usually spend more than you earn And even when you get a raise you Continue to Outspend what you are earning item Number four Is not addressing your debt just Misusing Credit cards or not even paying Attention to how much debt you have Even those who have student loan debts

And i know this is sensitive for some People but they just say I’m never going to pay those off like You just don’t even give Them the attention that you need to give Them because ultimately these debts can Come back and hurt you so It’s best to just go ahead pay attention To them knock them out and be done with Them Item number five you are influenced by The fake lives you see On social media you are one of those Ones that like to keep up with your Favorite celebrity Whoever that may be and that sort of Influences your thinking Like these people are paid to Make it look like they live a certain Lifestyle and they use certain products To help them live that lifestyle Like you know you it’s it’s okay to To to like something that someone’s Wearing or something like that but like You can’t live a lifestyle that someone Else is pretending to live Like that’s crazy so if you’re someone Who’s heavily influenced by social media Um chances are you are being robbed of Your financial future Also related to being influenced by the Fake lives on social media You buy to impress others like it’s a Contest

You want to see who has the better stuff Like my stuff is better than yours or You do it Because you like the little bit of Attention you get when you have a new Car Or you just bought a bigger house or you Just bought a fancy bag You actually care what other people Think about your stuff So you end up with too much house flashy Clothes and cars But i’m gonna tell you two things i Always say your opinion of me Is none of my business that’s number one And then number two Your opinion is not in my budget and i Live by those things i don’t care what People say about me My own family members talk about how i Wear clothes Way too long you know and it’s okay i’ll Keep wearing them as long as they look Good Item number seven having money burning Habits so these are things you don’t Necessarily think about you just kind of Do them every day right Um you smoke you drink you gamble You play the lottery we have people who Like we know people All of us know people who do these Things some people do one some people do All of these things

Smoke drink gamble play the lottery um And they don’t even think about it it’s Just a part of their daily lives right And they don’t realize how expensive Those things Are when they do them if they go back And add up what they spent on those Things It’s a pretty big number and then you Know you are you may be someone who gets A new car or a different car every few Years And you know the latest gadget is a must And the latest trendy bag is a must So um you know money burning habits are What i call those and they’re usually You know impulsive buys um or just Things that we We do that have become a part of our Lifestyle that we don’t even think about So item number eight you just don’t Invest in your retirement at all you and This happens a lot with younger people Usually as we age we start thinking About the fact that we’re not going to Be working forever And what are we gonna do you know in That next phase of life Some people just refuse to acknowledge The fact that You are going to get older and so you Really don’t care about the needs of Your older self Because you only live once right yolo

I’ll let tomorrow figure itself out That’s how some people think Which leads me to my next item item Number nine Denial and procrastination these two Are siblings right so you can deny that A thing isn’t true You may not want to hear it um it may Not Make you feel all warm and fuzzy but Denying something that’s the truth Is not going to serve you well and then Procrastinating once you know that thing Like to go ahead and get it done like Procrastinating and not starting on Um paying off your debt or saving you Know for your future None of those things neither one of Those things are going to serve you well In the future And item number 10 the last one is Refusing To learn and grow and to change your Behavior Like people who just don’t want to hear It um even when they know it’s good for Them it’s Kind of related to that denial but you Just refuse to learn right you know i Don’t know anything about money i’ll Never Know know anything about money money is Not very complicated to handle In a responsible way you may not know

Anything about like complex investments But Having a budget is not you know Very complicated to learn if you put a Little bit of effort into it And after a couple of two three months You can learn how to do that But people who refuse to learn and Change their behavior you are Definitely robbing yourself um you know Um Your financial future so i hope after Walking through those 10 things you Found at least One thing that you can do a little bit Better in order to take your finances to The next level So if you’re someone that is struggling With your finances like Don’t get dejected we have most of us Anyway have been there To where we just felt like there weren’t A lot of options for us to improve our Financial situation and i promise you There are always options Some of them may be extreme like having To move From an area that you grew up in for Example in order for your money to go Further sometimes you have to make those Decisions but it could be temporary you Get your money back uh together and then You know maybe you can move back to that Location so you need to be willing to do

What it takes in order to get your money Right In order to take care of yourself now And in the future But i hope that everyone found at least One thing That they can work on that will help Take their money to the next level if You’re someone that’s doing well I hope you found something in there that Will help you tweak your approach just a Little bit and take it to the next level Remember this you can achieve much Greater things than where you are today If you’re willing to put into work Conceive it believe it and achieve it I’ll see you on the next video if you Enjoyed today’s video Please consider subscribing to the Channel liking the video Dropping a comment and sharing this Video with some friends I’ve created some other videos that may Be helpful as well check them out See you next time

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