10 reasons why money isn’t everything

Probably seems strange to hear a “money guy” saying money isn’t everything, right? Well – it isn’t everything, and you shouldn’t get caught up in believing that money will buy you anything truly meaningful in life. Sure – if you can pay for a life-saving surgery for someone, money made it possible – but it was your decision to share the money that saved the life. It’s the possibilities your decision re-introduced to the person whose life was saved that matter; money was just the tool you used to make it possible. Trust and believe that not having money can create lots of issues, especially when your basic needs of food, water, clothing, and shelter aren’t met – but I’d like to challenge you not to give money too much credit in bringing you happiness, contentment, or true joy. Respect the things that money can do but put it in its proper place in your life – and put the things that really matter at the top of the priority list.

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I think money is important and i talk About money a lot so why am i doing a Video about the fact that money isn’t Everything Find out my 10 reasons why in today’s [Music] Video [Music] What’s up everyone thank you for Stopping by the achieve financial Coaching channel where we believe in Breaking the chains of debt And talking about all things related to Personal finance my name is kenny simon And i am your personal finance coach And today i want to talk about the fact That money is not the only thing that is Important in this world The pursuit of it uh the things that it Allows us to do the experiences it Allows us to Um experience um obviously are important Money is obviously an important topic to Me But there are some things that you know Too much of a good thing Can be a bad thing and i have 10 reasons That i want to talk to you about today In terms of why i believe that money Isn’t the only thing that is important And i know we hear that but i want to Break down these 10 reasons so that you Really start to internalize what i’m Saying here

And you start to balance out your Pursuit of Building wealth or building a business Or an empire With you know your need to do other Things that Quite frankly are going to make your Life a lot more satisfying please do me A favor and subscribe to the channel If you like the video click that like Button and drop a comment Let’s get started so i’d like to start This video where we’re talking about 10 Reasons why money isn’t everything With a few quotes first quote is by Henry thorough The price of anything is the amount of Life you exchange For it second quote is by joshua becker Maybe the life you wanted is buried Under everything You own think about that and then the Last one is from a Hot song called chicken fried by the Zach brown band And i love this piece of uh one of the Lyrics it says There is no dollar sign on peace of mind Now let’s get into the top 10 reasons For me personally that i feel like money Isn’t everything Number one is money only solves money Problems Any other problems you have in life

Whether it’s relationship based In any relationship it could be a spouse Could be a girlfriend it could be A partner it could be children money Only solves Money problems it can’t solve all of Your other problems Number two money can be dangerous in the Wrong hands And this could mean many things a lot of Money in the hands of a tyrant for Example Could cause the death of thousands or Even millions of people Uh money in the hands of someone who is On drugs for example they’re going to Overexpose themselves to drugs and Possibly kill themselves and do more bad Things So money can be dangerous in the wrong Hands number three Sometimes people who have money only Look inward and they don’t invest in Other people Money my personal philosophy is money Should not be hoarded You know you are there to make sure you Build a nice life for yourself But you want to make sure you’re Investing in other people Helping other people see their dreams or Realize things or even just meet their Basic needs so if you’re the type of Person who makes money

And has a lot of money only so you could Talk about how much money you have and You’re not sharing it Um you’re one of the reasons why money Isn’t important because now you’re Looking inward You’re not using that for in the Betterment of other people Number four this is real now Money is not as valuable as your health And it’s definitely not equal to your Self Worth i feel sorry for people who tie Their self Worth to how much money they have Because i’m going to tell you my dad did Not have Much money at all and he was so valuable To me i mean Years after his death my dad died in the In the mid 90s And things that he told me when i was Just a teenager Still resonate with me i’m still living Off that advice So if i had tied his self-worth to how Much money he made i wouldn’t have put Very much Um worth into the words and the things He embedded in me So it is not as valuable as your health So if you’re looking at a trade-off of Making some money and it’s bad for your Health not a good trade-off and it’s

Definitely not equal to your self-worth Number five the pursuit of money The relentless pursuit of it can make You miss pivotal-like moments Listen life happens fast um i don’t know How i got this age as quickly as i did Seems like i was just walking on the Campus Uh back in back in college and you know Now i have You know a kid that’s in college so the Pursuit of money Uh can make your focus sort of you know You could be hyper focused on just Making the next dollar and you can miss Out on a lot of these life events that Happen quickly Right so uh you want to make sure you’re Always aware of that Number six money cannot buy you time so While you’re pursuing that money as i Talked about in item number five Um and you missed those pivotal moments Uh you can’t buy back that time with Family with friends uh hanging out and Doing things so Um look you got you only have the fixed Amount of time And so i suggest that we all try to use It wisely because money cannot buy us Time All right seventh reason why uh money Isn’t everything Money can also make you very paranoid

About friends Especially new friends uh and their Motives Uh the great rap philosopher the Notorious b.i.g said more money more Problems And i think we’ve heard of many examples Of that Over the years but having too much money Or a lot of money well too much is Relative but having a lot of money Can definitely make you paranoid about People in your life and why are they in Your life are they there for you Or are they there for the money and then Number eight Listen you can buy all the red bottom Shoes and the bentleys and the big Houses you want Material things bring temporary Happiness Experiences with people matter more I was going to do a video on this and i Probably still will where i have this Sort of Way i think about um you know things That you buy that make you happy in the Moment i just bought this new car well Over time You know your happiness with that starts To dwindle right And so material things are good for a Minute And then um you know they sort of lose

Their luster Right experiences matter more when You’re reflecting back on some great Things you did with people you care About Number nine contentment doesn’t come by Having lots of money But by being humble and thankful for What you do Have listen the continuous pursuit of Things that bring us Joy in life are not achieved by having Lots of money sure money may make you Allow you to fly somewhere because you Want to have this certain experience but I mean The continuous pursuit of having strong Relationships and Helping people and doing meaningful Things in your life are not all dictated By money So being content doesn’t come by having Lots of money Let’s be humble let’s be thankful for What we do have a lot of times we like To focus on what we Do not have and the last point is You cannot take it with you i don’t care How much of it you have I think it was denzel washington that Talked about the egyptians tried it and All that happened is They ended up getting robbed you know You are not

Taking your your bank balance and your Collection of rolexes Into the grave with you uh unless you Want to guarantee that you’ll be dug up Um in all of your valuables stolen So you cannot take it with you so let’s Think about that As we are pursuing money um and trying To You know do the best we can to earn Enough to take care of ourselves and a Few others Well there you have it the 10 reasons Why i believe that money isn’t Everything You may relate to some of these a little Bit more closer than you relate to Others But i truly believe that we should use Money as a tool that allows us to help Other people That allows us to create these Experiences with the people we love it Could be Blood family it could just be friends That feel like family It could be helping people right it Could be helping strangers and people That you don’t know I do not believe that we are here To make money lots of it and hoard it And brag We have much more money than they do Money is a tool

And we need to use it like a tool to Help fix some things Right so things that money can solve you Know why don’t you use your money to do That You’d be surprised how much joy you get Out of helping someone Out who is truly in a bind and you help Them out and it wasn’t very much effort For you to do that But the little bit that you did changed Their life i had a friend once who may Actually watch this video Many years ago when we were very young We were probably 21 22 years old like i don’t even know If we were out of college And i gave them 100 bucks And years later probably was a decade or More i saw this person and he said hey You remember that time you gave me 100 Bucks You may as well have given me ten Thousand dollars they’re like i was so Desperate for the money that the fact That you just gave me a hundred bucks You made Me may as well have given me you know Ten thousand dollars And so that actually made me feel great Um that i was able to help them out at The time And so that’s the type of thing you want To do with your money money isn’t here

To be ordered or buy all the jordans you Can or Improve your watch collection use your Money to help some people use your money To change some lives Don’t fly to space you could do a whole Lot with that money then take an 11 Minute journey into space Anyway remember this you can achieve Much greater things than where you are Today If you’re willing to put into work Conceive it believe it and achieve it I’ll see you on the next video if you Enjoyed today’s video do me a favor and Subscribe to the channel Like the video drop a comment and share It with some friends And i’ll see you on the next video

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